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House speaker stalemate drags on after 11 votes

This morning the house begins another historic day of Deadlock over choosing a speaker Republican Kevin McCarthy has failed to secure the votes he needs after 11 ballots the process hasn’t gone this far in more than 150 years Robert Costa joins us from Capitol Hill Bob good morning good morning Nate late last night some of these conservative.

Holdouts felt they were making progress a deal coming together with McCarthy giving them more power on key committees on fiscal policy and on floor rules but many McCarthy critics remain firm knows a speaker has not been elected for the 11th time this week Congressman Kevin McCarthy lost his bid to become house Speaker I think we’ve got a little.

Movement so we’ll see so if this takes a little longer and it doesn’t meet your deadline that’s okay because it’s not it’s not how you start it’s how you finish many republican holdouts have expressed individual grievances with McCarthy making this more of a personal not ideological Showdown it is not happening and as it’s been said.

We need to get to a point where we start evaluating what life after Kevin McCarthy looks like Florida’s Matt Gates going as far as nominating the former president I nominate president Trump because we must make our country great again and he can start by making the House of Representatives great again some GOP lawmakers are raising concerns.

About whether the concessions McCarthy is making to win votes may come at too high a price if things went too far and completely changed in the way Congress runs then that might be a bridge too far and so that’s been the concern of a lot of members that you know you you have to be careful in the deals that are being made While others argue they won’t be.

Held hostage by the group opposey McCarthy and are standing by him I will never vote for anyone that those 20 want me to vote for don’t care if they’re my best friend won’t vote for them this is this is not about McCarthy anymore this is about principle this is about the institution from McCarthy allies the calculus right.

Now behind the scenes is that he’s going to have to deal with these conservative critics all year might as well bring them inside the tent right now give them a seat at the table and hope that eventually they turn their eye or their frustration away from him and toward the Biden White House Adriana Bob thank you.

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