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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: US Will Not Abandon Taiwan

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: US Will Not Abandon Taiwan” here is their detail.

Madam president i think it's important to remind some uh and inform others of how we are here 43 years ago with the taiwan relations act america made a bedrock promise to always stand with taiwan and on this strong foundation we have built a thriving partnership grounded in.

Our shared values of self-government and self-determination focused on our mutual security interest in the region and across the world committed to the economic ties that power prosperity for all of our people when they see the life today our delegation which i'm very proud.

Came to taiwan to make unequivocally clear we will not abandon our commitment to taiwan and we're proud of our enduring friendship and may i mention they're all co-chairs of this delegation the chair of the foreign affairs committee mr guardian news of new york the chair of the foreign affairs committee of count mr takano of.

California the vice chair of the ways and means committee congresswoman del bene of washington state the member of the intelligence committee and the leader in covet fighting so many things in the congress congressman raja kushin morphe from i say illinois he says chicago.

And again one of our newest members of congress serving the diplomat as a state as a diplomat in the state department before coming congressman andy kim of not only the armed services committee but also the foreign affairs committee and others we're very proud of our delegation and and when you hear as you will be hearing.

From them in the course of our visit you will know even more why we are thank you to our delegation and we're proud to be here with the vice president with mr wu with other distinguished leaders who are here with you madam president thank you for your leadership the story of taiwan is an inspiration to.

All freedom loving people in the united states and around the world out of a crucible of challenge you have forged a flourishing democracy one of the freest in the world proudly to be led by a woman president that's an applause line jason wrong.

Foreign and taiwan has been an island of resilience in the world indeed the people of taiwan have proven to the world that with hope courage and determination it is possible to build a peaceful and prosperous future even in terms of the challenges you face.

And now more than ever america's solidarity with tom taiwan is crucial and that is the message we are bringing here today when we travel and leave the country as a congressional delegation security to protect our people as well as global security.

Economy to spread prosperity in our own country and others and governance are three principle pillars of our travel in all three areas we have great cooperation and friendship with taiwan and we value that i just do want to mention and congratulate taiwan for your governance of the covet issue the.

Covet pandemic your model to the world in terms of the cooperation of the people and the success of your initiatives congratulations madam president congratulations to the people of taiwan for following the lead and suggesting their own proposals today the world faces a choice between.

Democracy and autocracy america's determination to preserve democracy here in taiwan and around the world remains ironclad and we're grateful to the partnership of the people of taiwan in this mission.

I'm very grateful to receive this award i'm grateful to you madam president to the people uh for their enduring friendship i'm very blessed as are my colleagues with many taiwan americans who are very excited about our visit and in fact when i came before in 99 i came with them and.

We learned a lot and that's what we came to do to participate in the asian pacific initiative in a way that is appropriate for taiwan to be successful whether in trade security etc and to do so in a way.

That opens many more possibilities we came here to listen to learn and what do you know i got this beautiful beautiful beautiful award the order of propitious clouds with special grand pardon thank you madam president

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