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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi meets leaders in Taiwan despite fierce warnings from China

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi meets leaders in Taiwan despite fierce warnings from China” here is their detail.

Please rise ladies and gentlemen the president and the speaker have arrived today the world faces a choice between democracy and autocracy america's determination to preserve democracy here in taiwan and around the world remains ironclad.

And we're grateful to the partnership of the people of taiwan in this mission i just hope that it's really clear that while china has stood in the way of taiwan participating and going to certain meetings.

That they understand that they will not stand in the way of people coming to taiwan it's a show of friendship of support but also a source of learning about how we can work together better in collaboration so it you know i i don't i think that that um they made a big fuss because i'm.

Speaker i guess i don't know if that was a reason or an excuse because they didn't say anything when the men came uh i do think that um the uh it's really important for the message to be clear that in the congress house and senate democrats and republicans are committed to the.

Security of taiwan in order to have taiwan be able to most effectively defend themselves but it also is about our shared values of democracy and freedom and how taiwan has been example to the world in that regard and whether it's certain insecurities on the.

Part of the president of china as to his own political situation that he's rattling a saber i don't know but i really it doesn't really matter what matters to us is that we salute the successes of taiwan we work together for the security of taiwan.

And we just take great lessons from the democracy in china you

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