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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi makes controversial trip to Taiwan

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But we begin with house speaker nancy pelosi in taiwan after a lot of speculation pelosi landed on the island today the trip has put more strain on the relationship between the u.s and china beijing claims taiwan is part of its own territory and it is now threatening to retaliate over this visit pelosi's taiwan trip is one part of a.

Larger tour of asia she's already made stops in singapore and malaysia later this week she will visit japan and south korea cbs news chief white house correspondent nancy cordes joins us now from the white house nancy national security council spokesman john kirby was speaking yesterday about tensions with china over.

This trip i'd like to play a little clip here put simply there is no reason for beijing to turn a potential visit consistent with long-standing u.s policy into some sort of crisis or conflict we will not take the bait or engage in saber rattling at the same time we will not be.

Intimidated how far is the white house willing to go in response to some type of provocation from china well that was a really interesting moment that you just played uh david sitting there in the white house briefing yesterday and and hearing the national security council spokesman um.

Kind of go at china and say look if you've got a problem with this if you've got a problem with the house speaker visiting taiwan that's your issue not ours and if you do anything to provoke the u.s that will be on china it will not be on the united states he argued that the u.s policy towards china towards taiwan has not changed that.

Speaker pelosi is far from the first congressional official to visit taiwan even this year but there is a big difference from the chinese perspective she is the speaker of the house the last time a house speaker third in line to the presidency touched down on taiwanese soil was 25 years ago when newt gingrich went there so the chinese view this as a.

Shot across the bow they view this as an internal issue that the u.s is meddling in and they are releasing statements seemingly every 10 to 15 minutes or so castigating the united states for taking this step accusing them of gross interference into chinese internal affairs.

And arguing that the u.s is going to pay the price for undermining china's sovereign security interests so it's definitely a very unsettled time right now as uh as speaker pelosi heads to bed it's the middle of the night there in taiwan and as we watch to see what steps she takes during her visit to.

Taiwan tomorrow and nancy yesterday in the briefing you got the first question in a good question of course and you've covered congress for many years so why do you think the speaker is going ahead with this trip given all of this talk and all this controversy well deborah she actually laid out her reasons for making this trip in an op-ed.

That an interesting bit of stage craft was released by the washington post virtually the moment that her plane finally touched down in taiwan and in her op-ed she says first off we can't stand by as the chinese communist party proceeds to threaten taiwan and democracy itself.

That is a reference to the fact that china has been making increasingly bellicose statements stepping up military exercises in the taiwan strait indicating that it would like to take over taiwan in a more aggressive way and that's something that clearly concerns the united states and concerns the taiwanese because they're.

Currently living in a democracy and they saw what happened in hong kong beyond that though and this is also really notable you guys she says that uh she's taking this trip at a time when the world faces a choice between autocracy and democracy as russia wages a premeditated and illegal war against ukraine so basically what she's saying.

There is that the u.s is looking to send a signal to taiwan that much as the world has viewed the the war that russia is waging in in ukraine as illegitimate that's the way that the u.s and many in the world would view any kind of chinese invasion of taiwan as well nancy when i woke up this.

Morning you had an email that i found kind of fascinating an internal email where you were telling us basically where the plane was it to the extent that you can say publicly what you said to us in an internal email walk us through sort of this behind the scenes where is the plane going it just turned due north all that business.

Right it's always fun when you can sort of like you know turn to your inner jason bourne for a couple of hours and you know and and and watch as these international missions unfold basically you know there's been a real cat and mouse game where the house speaker's office has not officially confirmed that she was even making this.

Trip to taiwan but it was highly speculated that she'd be going there today the chinese taiwanese were indicating she was going there today so when the plane the u.s military jet essentially a boeing 737 that had been carrying the speaker and her delegation throughout asia took off from kuala lumpur in malaysia this morning we were.

Watching to see where is it going to go and if you were traveling from kuala lumpur in a straight line you'd go for several hours basically northeast to taiwan instead the plane was going due east for several hours sort of leaving all of us guessing where is this plane actually going it hadn't filed a flight plane flight plan nobody.

Really knew but then suddenly after about three hours it turned due north and that's when we had a real concrete sign that it was heading directly to taiwan it skirted philippines airspace and then headed to taiwan and the interesting thing about that flight path is that it enabled speaker pelosi to avoid the south china.

Sea to avoid the taiwan strait and come in from the east going basically as far away from the chinese mainland as possible in order to avoid any kind of increased provocation of the chinese military at a time when we already know they have stepped up their trail their drills and uh there's already such a tense situation brewing between the u.s.

And china fascinating thank you ma'am for more of this let's bring in isaac stonefish he is a cbs news contributor and ceo of strategy risks a china-focused research firm so isaac ahead of speaker pelosi's trip china's foreign minister promised that there would be a response and he said quote.

Those who play with fire will perish by it what actions is china most likely to take now that she went and she's there beijing will likely do things that will raise the temperature in other ways it's very unlikely that there'll be any sort of stern military response we don't believe that beijing wants to start.

World war iii over pelosi's visit i think what we'll see is increased hacking against taiwanese and potentially american assets increase pressure against taiwanese and potentially american businesses and then possibly the arrest and unlawful detention of either taiwanese or american citizens in china to remind the.

World that beijing does have a lot of leverage over the u.s you know russia is now speaking out moscow warning the u.s against provoking china with this taiwan trip so what's the status of russia's relationship with china could the kremlin kind of use this as an opportunity to get closer with beijing.

It might but i think we have to remember that the kremlin is also very afraid of beijing's overreach and doesn't want to be too close to china because that can lead to some very serious loss of strategic autonomy with moscow so i think beijing is do moscow is doing this as a favor to beijing beijing loves to get other countries to speak out for it.

But i wouldn't expect this to be the beginning of some sort of access really concretely between the two of them against the u.s uh isaac last question do you think that the u.s maybe the president those behind the scenes are kind of thinking this is a little bit of a muscle flex and does the u.s come out of this a little bit stronger.

I think so i think that's a really good way to think about it and i think if pelosi had not gone it would have been a very clear sign of u.s weakness u.s yielding to beijing over taiwan it would have sent a really chilling message to other countries in the world so i think it's great that she's going and i think the relationship can be righted from.

Here isaac stonefish we thank you yeah a lot of people feeling that way too today thank you

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