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House set to vote on rules package

We turn to Capitol Hill now where house Speaker Kevin McCarthy faces his first real test tonight as speaker now after his election on the 15th ballot over four days members nearly coming to blows near midnight on Friday night can he get new house rules approved now after making so many concessions to the few on the very far right Rachel Scott on the.

Hill for us Republican leader Kevin McCarthy charging up the aisle to confront Congressman Matt gates after losing 14 ballots to be speaker Alabama Congressman Mike Rogers so Furious he lungs at Gates and had to be physically restrained duly elected Speaker of the House of Representatives but on the 15th.

Vote McCarthy pulled it out and tonight the new Speaker of the House facing his first big test the house voting tonight on new rules including a host of concessions McCarthy made to win the support of Rebel right-wing conservatives one provision would allow a single lawmaker to force a vote on removing the speaker moderate.

Republicans concerned about the chaos on the floor and about the new rules were you concerned about how some of these deals were cut any horse training or backroom deals that that doesn’t that’s not okay and shouldn’t be tolerated McCarthy can only afford to lose four Republican votes tonight and he will have to prove he can control his unruly.

Conference Republican leadership was scrambling to address those concerns from the moderates tonight the house rules package did pass only one Republican voted against it David Rachel Scott with us to start out the week Rachel thank you hi everyone George Stephanopoulos here thanks for checking out the ABC.

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