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House Republicans plan committee to probe ‘weaponization’ of federal government

The new Republican House Majority passed their first piece of legislation Monday night a bill slashing tens of billions of dollars in funding for the IRS that will hit a legislative wall though in the democratically controlled Senate of course the president would never sign it he also passed a rules package that paves the way for a new Panel LED by.

Incoming house Judiciary chairman Jim Jordan expanding his power to both subpoena and investigate federal agencies the so-called committee on weaponization of the federal government a potential disruption to the Biden policy agenda and the ongoing probes into former president Trump and even some Republican members of Congress they.

Would end up investigating the investigators who investigated them joining me now NBC Capitol Hill correspondent Ali Vitale and New York Times media and politics reporter Jeremy Peters Ali first took us through the action sang out on the floor last night McCarthy won his rules you know the rules for the rules committee on a.

Basically party line vote but what it means going forward because the access to intelligence the access to the January 6th investigations by people like Scott Peters who were under investigation is extraordinary well Andrew this is what we were talking about too as the speaker vote culminated on the two-year anniversary of January 6.

That so many of the key players who were involved in the negotiations people like Scott Perry and Jim Jordan and others were members who were focused on by the January 6th committee McCarthy himself is one of the five Republicans who defied a subpoena request from the January 6th committee and so many of these players if you were to put them on.

A Venn diagram they would have a lot of overlap now we’re seeing that people like Scott Perry could be integral to the Future investigations whereas you say they’re trying to investigate the investigators but this is one of the key focuses and we’re going to see the house when they come back today vote around four o’clock to fully establish these.

Select committees this idea that they’re establishing a select committee on the weaponization of government that’s what they’re calling it does speak to the larger landscape here of how this house Republican majority wants to function which is not just as a consistent check on the Biden administration because certainly that’s what divided government.

Is but that they see their role as really exercising subpoena power and looking into all of these agencies whether it’s the Department of Homeland Security the Department of Justice what happened with for example the Mar-A-Lago investigation all of these key things that have happened over the course the last two years we’re going to watch.

Republicans try to do frankly what Jonathan Lemire said in your last segment which is at the very least just try to muddy the waters on this as they head into an election year in 2024. foreign

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