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Herd Hierarchy: Playoff-bound Chargers, Packers leap in Colin’s Top 10 of Week 17 | NFL | THE HERD

Backwards hat Colin Cowherd reveals his Top 10 teams heading into Week 17, including the playoff-bound Los Angeles Chargers and comeback kid Green Bay Packers landing on the list. Who should be in and out of this week’s Top 10? #TheHerd #NFL #Chargers Download the free-to-play FOX Bet Super 6 app: SUBSCRIBE to get

Herd Hierarchy: Playoff-bound Chargers, Packers leap in Colin’s Top 10 of Week 17 | NFL | THE HERD

Here we go it’s the herd hierarchy top 10 teams in the league hierarchy time is now let’s go the top 10 NFL teams according to college the Packers that’s how I feel like I should talk with my hat on backwards uh the Packers on a three-game winning streak third comeback win of 10 plus.

Points that’s the best and the most in Aaron Rodgers era I’ve been critical of Matt LeFleur I don’t think he’s incapable but I’m not sure he’s as good as the media makes him out to be well Aaron and Matt leflore are 15-0 in November so it counts I do worry about the injury to Christian Watson it’s taken them a while to get Aaron in these.

Young receivers conjoined they have I still wish they’d run the ball a little more with Aaron Jones consistently but they make the top 10 Packers at 10. number nine the Chargers they’ve won four or five listen their defense with a defensive head coach has finally playing well uh they have had 13 sacks in the last three games and here comes Bosa.

Who’s supposed to return this week all you have to do to Justin Herbert is play decent defense ends and he wins he’s 18-4 when the Chargers hold opponents to fewer than 27 points so when they play average defense Justin Herbert wins they did last night against an awful team and he won again number eight the.

Jaguars I had them above the Lions last week and people pushed back I think it’s a real football team I think Trevor Lawrence is a star he’s the best quarterback in the NFL passer rating since week nine big tall moves he has the largest increase ever in passer rating one year to the second um they’re on a three-game winning.

Streak they don’t know what they don’t know they’re young if they do make the playoffs they’re a one and done but he has become with Doug Peterson the quarterback I thought he would be Jags at eight number seven Minnesota at seven the ceiling’s lower but Kirk Cousins is 11-0 in one score games that is just insane if Dan Marino was 11-0 on one.

Score games that would be insane he’s playing with confidence since the last three weeks leads the NFL in passer rating they’ve got start they got a lot of things I like a capable quarterback an offensive coach a star receiver um you know I think we all kind of realize this is not going to be a Super Bowl winning team but they’re fun it’s a.

Great City that loves its football and they got a heck of a team number six the Eagles Lane Johnson’s not playing so they’re not a top five team if he’s not playing that’s their reality I don’t care what they did this is not a standings list they are not a top five Team without Lane Johnson as the guy with a hat on backwards says but their.

Defense has six plus sacks does Philadelphia in four straight games that is a lot of sacks the d-line really good they can stay in games cross your fingers on Jalen hurts coming back Philadelphia at number six number five Dallas Cowboys just beat him was a backup but they’re seven and two since Dak returned they’ve scored 25 plus in.

Eight straight games so we all thought they’d bring on obj it hasn’t hurt them they’re doing a good job offensively now Dak has 11 picks since returning from injuries that’s the most by any quarterback since week seven it is a little concerning and in big spots I don’t trust Mike McCarthy but we’ve got to be fair here they remind me a lot of.

The Chargers great individual players not quite buttoned up to be a final four team but Dallas they can pop you they’re a heavyweight with a punch I don’t know what their chin is but they’re a heavyweight with a punch number four the bills okay we all like the bills except Nick Wright here’s the thing about the.

Bills that worries me 24 giveaways this year only the Colts have more you’re not beating Kansas City in Cincinnati if you’re giving the ball away two and three times a game now they’re on a six-game winning streak there’s so much I like I like the owners I like the GM I pretty much like the coach I love the.

Quarterback uh Josh Allen though has had five multiple interception games this year that is the most in the NFL I think you can get away with that in the NFC I do not think you can get away with that in the AFC that’s why I have Buffalo at Four number three the Niners I have questions about Brock Purdy too but they have an eight game winning streak they.

Have allowed 20 or fewer points in eight straight games don’t listen to anybody this is the most talented roster in the league they have a pro bowler everywhere Corner safety two-it linebacker Rush end they’re great this team is loaded and Brock Purdy as I said a month ago he’s good enough to win multiple playoff games can he go to Philadelphia and win.

A playoff game I’m not sure but this team is absolutely stacked I couldn’t be happier for John Lynch who I covered in Tampa was a teammate of it fox now he’s the GM and he has crushed it this roster is fantastic I have them at three number two Kansas City beat him and beat him soundly in the Bay Area um it’s the best offense the scariest.

Offense they have more touchdown passes 37. then touchdown passes allowed 31. and again they’ve rebuilt a defense o-line rebuilding receivers now they’re not as electric as they were with Tyree kill so I do not believe this team is the same kind of team that can Trail 24-0 to a playoff level team like Houston a few.

Years ago and come back but it’s Mahomes it’s Andy Reed Steve Spagnola dials up good playoff defenses Kansas City at two number one for the second straight week I have Cincinnati at one jmac was selling this stock like crazy two months ago and I said they lost to Dallas and I said the second half of that Dallas game that’s who they are the real key to.

Cincinnati isn’t Jamar Chase it’s not Joe Mixon it’s Joe Burl plus this they’re one of two teams they have the same starting offensive line in each of the first 15 games this season so the key with Cincinnati now Burroughs not getting hit burl has a lot of time they’ve got two running backs if one goes down multiple.

Receivers if one goes down this is how you build an NFL team and we don’t know if Zach Taylor’s a great coach but we have to be honest about this you can’t win as many big games and close games as Zach Taylor has done he deserves credit too he’s from the McVeigh tree for the record Sean mcvay’s coach in Minnesota 11-0-1 score games Sean McVay tree coach.

In Cincinnati been to a Super Bowl so what is happening is Sean McVay is becoming the Andy Reid of this generation where his assistants are sponges they soak up his information Brandon Staley’s from his tree he just made the playoffs hi everybody thanks for watching subscribe here to get the latest from the show also be sure to.

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