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Henry McKean Reacts to Prince Harry’s Grief of Diana & “Scathing” Evil Stepmother Accusations

Henry McKean Reacts to Prince Harry’s Grief of Diana & “Scathing” Evil Stepmother Accusations

It’s great to see that the British royal family has just turned into towie without the hair extensions like yeah it’s so unbelievable it’s one favorite The backbiting and they’re telling us everything that’s going on it was a bit like EastEnders or maybe density or Dallas there’s definitely a bit of that um it was a difficult watch I watched it.

Last night on Virgin Media an hour and a half without breaks but I was grips it was a difficult difficult watch and I know my wife actually started shouting at the TV she got very frustrated with Harry because he kept going back to the media the media the tabloids the tabloids and there was just so much anger and so much bitterness.

Um the bit I saw I was on the start of it and it started off talking about Diana and his mother’s death and I think that this is the whole thing about it the guy is traumatized by something that happened to him very early in his life in the public Spotlight and he’s never been able to grieve and he he just look looks and sounds like a troubled guy and.

When he said that when he said Tommy when he mentions you know I only got to cry once and he talks about shaking hands after his mother died with the public and their hands were wet he didn’t know why because tears from the crowd and he couldn’t cry you’re right he talks about mental health he talks about his mental health battles and the.

Difficult difficulties he’s faced and for me yeah of course huge empathy he lost his mum at the age of 12. he grew up in the spotlight he wants out this is him you know he talks about truth this is his truth he’s telling us how it is but he’s breaking down barriers and he’s upsetting a lot of people like the English tabloids today are full of it I.

Mean he’s giving them so much fodder he talks about he wants privacy but then he goes and you know opens up this whole Fab Four thing with with uh uh you know Willy as it’s now called we’ll get to that we’ll get to that in a second I think one of the most arresting things from last night was when he said that he wanted to be driven through the tunnel.

That his mother died in when he was 20 years old and he was over there for the for the World Cup and he asked for her case File and he said that he saw pictures reflected his mother’s blonde hair mommy’s blonde hair and then he saw people taking photographs and no one helping her it was awful to in his words.

To to hear something that we all remember where we were when Diana died he talks about that too he says we all remember and he obviously remembers he talks about his father her darling boy you know at the end of the bed explaining his mother died she has an issue with the Tabloid press when his mother’s dying and they’re not of course.

And he talks about the chain he talks about this bicycle chain and it she wouldn’t have died if basically the paparazzi weren’t there he hints strongly hints that perhaps the paparazzi distracted the driver that that was drinking and that did drive into the pillar and I know that tunnel I’m bumped into it by accident in Paris.

Once and yeah it’s it’s just um that’s very small tunnel and yeah of course there’s huge sympathy and he’s entitled to speak out but I think I think he’s gone a bit too far I think there’s a lot of Moaning he uh seems quite complimentary of his father he spoke about huge loved huge respect from and how his dad had to try and father these.

Two boys through that grief maybe he wasn’t ready for it as a single parent what Camilla he’s quite scathing well I mean that’s really interesting he’s scathing but he’s not scathing because he talks about the evil stepmother but then he he goes back a bit and says you know we did get along with her but you’re right he also says that there was.

Briefing he talks about briefing against each other about how she was like almost in rehab to try and make her acceptable to the to the British public to the to the world so yeah he gives her a little hard time but I don’t think he’s that hard I think he’s really quite hard on cakes and he’s really quite hard and we’ve discovered his nickname is Harold.

And and Willie I’m going to call him Willie William he’s very hard on them I think he holds fire you could say a little bit well it’s quite interesting uh in the interview when he said that when Camilla was coming into the folder they were rehabilitating her image yes and therefore uh someone that she had with William and William certainly.

Didn’t give it to the Press but next thing it ends up in the press and he’s like well the only person who could have said it was Camille he does

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