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Hear Biden’s response when asked about classified documents found in private office

Let’s go out front. Good evening, I am Erin Burnett. President speaking out here he is moments ago at a summit with other world leaders in Mexico. >> People know I take classified documents and classified information seriously. When my lawyers were clearing.

Out my office at university of Pennsylvania set up a secure office. I was a professor at Penn. They found documents in a box you know, locked cabinet. At least a closet. As soon as they did, they realized several classified.

Documents in that box. They did what they should have done, immediately called archives, turned them over to the archives and I was briefed about this discovery and surprised to learn there were any government records taken there to that office.

But I don’t know what is in the documents. My lawyers have not suggested I ask what documents they were. I have turned over the boxes. They have turned over the boxes to the archived. Cooperating fully with the review which I open will be.

Finished soon and more detail at that time. >> Obviously emphasis on fully cooperating. There are questions though that remain: Including why were those at his former office? Who had access? Why didn’t the white house.

Disclose this information back in November? Happens to have been six days before mid-term elections. Here is what we do know about them. According to a source, 10 classified documents U.S. Intelligence memos found at.

Biden’s former office in Washington, dates between 2013-2016 all of which were when Biden was vice president. Found in three or four boxes contained on classified paper. New GOP chairman of the house intelligence committee. Mike — already Republicans are.

Expressing outrage. >> Mayor Garland and department of justice have to be accountable if they don’t treat present Biden the same as former president trump. >> What more are you learning about the specific documents? >> Erin initial process that the.

Justice department was undergoing review conducted by the U.S. Attorney in Chicago John lawnge. Senior leaders have been briefed on the basic findings they have. Now decision rests with the attorney general and what to do next.

Among those options, of course you heard calls from Republicans they want to see exactly what happened with Donald Trump happened here. One could be for the attorney general to bring in a special counsel to do a full blown investigation.

You can bet if that doesn’t happen, you are going to hear a lot more from Republicans. That is one of the things Justin department and attorney general is going to have to weigh as they make a decision. This is a much more limited incident.

Talking about 10 documents. Far contrast to what we saw with the trump administration. Justice department called obstruction and months to refuse to turn over documents. There are differences between the two cases. That said you know what is going.

To have with the politics in the city. That is the reason why the attorney general is still weighing what to do. >> Evan, thank you. National archives asked Donald Trump asked again, again, all handed over look yourself, so.

Sorry. Trump situation wouldn’t be a story. It is very different. Joining me now, strategic communications. This is the first time we have heard about this. What do you think, was it.

Satisfied?>> It was carefully written. He said first of all, I was surprised to find out. That speaks to presumably intent. He didn’t know, this is no cover up.Some kind of accident. They cooperated immediately. That is an important.

Distinction. But a lot of unanswered questions one why didn’t they come forward first. Administration need to embrace this radical transparency to depoliticize it as much as possible. We need to find out what the.

Contents were. Absolutely appropriate to follow the same principles regardless of politics. Imperative we do not let politics muddy the watt every — waters. Above board and impartial. >> That’s right.

What John is referencing, these documents discovered in November week before the mid-term elections. They call today national archives.They didn’t disclose it. That does raise questions about the political timing. Let’s call it like it is.

>> This is a gift to the trump camp. This basically makes our case for us. He was standing by politics not becoming transparent and coming right out. Speaks to the case prior presidents mishandled classified.

Information, in this case vice president. Worst possible outcome, we lower penalty. Should be depoliticized. There is a lot of unknowns. We need to see where this goes. Two cases apples and Oranges. Each side is going to hear what.

They want to. >> To say just because this may have been accidental and cooperated nothing let’s move along wouldn’t be right either. >> Mayor, hold over did so to be completely impartial. Where do you think we are in that?.

>> All I can say when I first saw the news, Democrats had a great week with the debacle with Kevin Mccarthy. When I saw that news, oh, uncle Joe not with the papers. Listen.I was in office over 20 years when it was time for me to go, I didn’t pack up my documents.

It is understandable. He was surprised he didn’t know. Merit Garland doing the best to present impartial assessment of what happened. I can say what we have seen is totally different than what we saw from trump. No hiding in the dark in.

Mar-a-lago, look what we found, not just these 10, take everything and let us know if we miss anything. That is what we want to see from elected officials. That is what responsibility looks like. >> Looking at it from the law,.

Having classified documents is a problem. Intent matters. When you look at here Z when we talk about, right, they found them. They called national archives. Lack of disclosure to the public.

300 documents of trump’s classified, 60 top secret. Biden has 10 in all. He called right away. Situations are different. What does that mean? >> What you said, intent is key. Trump willfully obtained the information, tried to conceal it.

From the government. >> He directed employee after there had been a search to move boxes.>> Directed another lawyer to lie or make a false statement no more documents in his possession when there were. That is about intent. Did he have knowledge about the.

Documents?Did he intend to conceal them? That is the problem. For Biden if it turns out to be true he was surprised and no knowledge it is kind of case closed. >> From a legal perspective fair to do nothing. No penalty?.

>> That’s right. >> I don’t compare Biden to trump situation. It is what the Biden situation when the doj does prosecute. They wouldn’t prosecute with intent. For trump they would prosecute it is egregious in packing and.

Concealing the boxes. That is the true comparison doj will go through. >> Again, John you hit the politics. We would like to say they don’t matter. They do matter. To that point, how important is.

It when they did find out, this is an accident. Why should we disclose this and muddy the waters. They would be right. Yesterday they didn’t say anything when they knew. >> We are now two months after. What have they been doing.

Previous two months? What are the content? Do they reflect on interest Biden in any way. That is what makes it incredibly important to be radically transparent. If in deed this is ail a complete accident and then.

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