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Health secretary keen to have dialogue with nursing unions

Health secretary keen to have dialogue with nursing unions

Well I’m Keen to have dialogue with Pat Collin and the RCN I wrote to them last week looking at the coming year at the pressures from inflation and cost of living how we could work together to make any settlement more affordable in terms of looking at what productivity opportunities there are what efficiency the opportunities there are because.

There’s common ground in recognizing that the NHS is under pressure and we need to respond to that so I look forward to talking with the RCN and the other trade unions to see how do we make any settlement done through the independent pay-per-view body more affordable wherever there’s productivity and efficiency opportunities are written.

To Pat on that and then it’s 10 acceptable is that an acceptable figure well the the auction actually turned down an offer in Scotland which was 7.5 and significantly more than 10 if you look to the the other things within that package but the key thing is to look at the coming year the pay-per-view body will be looking at the pressure of cost.

Of living the pressure on inflation Escape for us to see how we make that more affordable by working together on issues of productivity on issues of efficiency I wrote to Pat about that last night I hope she engages constructively on that it’s important we work together to ensure that the evidence that goes to the independent.

Pay-per-view body for this coming year reflects the pressure that the NHS is on but also what is Affordable to The Wider economy

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