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Harry and Meghan back in the spotlight ahead of Queen’s funeral

Harry and Meghan back in the spotlight ahead of Queen’s funeral

Where better than the Duke of Sussex to gauge the mood about this Pub’s namesake you can see appreciates his family there’s no picture of Prince Harry on the wall but as ever he and his wife Megan remain a topic of chatter over pints I think it’s all been blown a bit out of proportion well I’m not quite.

Sure why they came back to be honest I think they should have stayed there with the royal family brought together by grief Harry and Megan are thrust back before the crowds and cameras first in this unexpected show of unity with Prince William and Kate and later behind the Queen’s coffin.

Harry seen side by side with his brother compare that to the distance between them at Prince Philip’s funeral last year this all signals what I think everyone has been hoping for which is long lasting and genuine reconnection between Harry and his family there’s been no truce between the couple and Britain’s tabloids but amid National.

Mourning the papers have adopted a softer touch the usually aggressive Sun even heralding a decision to allow Harry to wear his military uniform hurry Ariel family needs this marketing expert says the king should find a way to now embrace the couple as the Royal brand risks losing luster she says and Harry and Megan could help modernize it.

They’re not so popular here because people feel very protective of the queen of course once this interim phase is over will they feel so protective of Charles I doubt it what has drawn tabloid fodder the couple’s hand holding while honoring the queen blasted as inappropriate even though Harry’s cousins are a Tyndall and her husband.

Did the same and few even noticed I I will take that show of affection anytime any day over a supposed cold fake superiority of the monarchy in pubs across Britain they’ll be chatting and wondering is the supposed thought in relations for good or is it for show Thomas dagg CBC News London

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