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Hagersville, Ontario mayor on slain OPP officer

Hagersville, Ontario mayor on slain OPP officer

Are joined Live Now by Shelly Ann Bentley she’s the mayor of Haldeman County mayor thanks for joining us thank you for having me um when an officer is killed it’s a it’s a trauma that just extends to all of us it’s kind of it’s beyond comprehension take us back yesterday.

Afternoon mid afternoon when you first learned the news my first learned the news from our chief officer Jason Gallagher he called me while I was taking a driver along our Lakeshore to assess any flooding damages we had because of this recent storm uh it was devastating to hear that one of our officers had been shot so.

Violently that is not something that we are used to in Haldeman County at all um we are a community of 48 000 people and we do not have this type of violence in our community it is shocking we as a community are grieving we are devastated to hear that this has happened.

Did you know this young officer no I did not personally know him uh I did have seen a picture of him at the Caledonia Fair recently he seemed to be uh you know community-minded just like all of us here in our community you know it’s just it’s a reminder of the everyday dangers of of life as an.

Officer um but this is something that given the circumstances what we know so far is it is again just it’s beyond comprehension um what tell us a bit more uh madamir about your community for people here in Toronto that maybe don’t know a lot about Haldeman County.

Are a very small community but we are very Mighty we connect in every small community here you know Hagersville Caledonia Jarvis Fisherville Selkirk Dunville Nanticoke we come together frequently and celebrate our communities just recently Jarvis hosted a huge light up night in their little community and it was all through just a couple of.

Volunteers and a lot of businesses came forward and it is such a delight to see there is nothing like it in Ontario at all so in terms of uh your office and the people you work with now in public service not necessarily police but people within the political sphere uh what’s next what are you all going to do.

To to to to mark this uh this moment in time and to uh try and help police move forward through it yeah certainly uh we will have to to look at this um as a moment in time definitely and go forward um and protect our front line workers.

Protect our First Responders we also provide any services for them to be able to get back into into their lives I’m sure that the First Responders that reacted to the scene um are devastated today I can’t even imagine what they are going through.

Today yeah you know we talk about the stages of grief often around here when we cover stories like this uh the first is denial then it’s anger I think we’re probably somewhere between both of those right I believe feeling a little bit angry about this today maybe yeah yeah uh madameer Shelly and Bentley the.

Mayor of Haldeman County I thank you for your time and uh uh appreciate it and uh be with your people today thank you for having me

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