Grill power: Female chefs with the hottest jobs in Singapore’s restaurants | CNA Lifestyle

Grill power: Female chefs with the hottest jobs in Singapore’s restaurants | CNA Lifestyle

People normally judge you before they even see you work you know I’m not very tall I I’m quite petite even they think oh because you’re agreement you can’t be in it you can’t take the heat like these are the kind of comments that I always get but you know what to me the best I can do is helping it out to show you know that it’s not it’s not difficult.

Yeah it can be fun hi hello so I’m I’m rich I’m the senior sous chef at the revolver hi I’m Ashley I’m the sushi chef of Gemma hi I’m Nadine I’m the chef at Hobby design what I do I’m basically in charge of the wood fire so I do I cook a variety of dishes I do almost everything it really is one of my specialties I enjoy the most is.

The Heat and also the adrenaline rush I think I feel numb like mostly I feel numb like after that the sweat comes in and then the heat comes in that’s where you start to feel working in front of the wood fire is an open group so this is basically you’re playing with fire it is quite wild and it’s unseen it was standing for the Far East it’s just.

Something very primordial inside of you that just wants to come out I don’t know I feel very comfortable I like the idea of playing with fire when you start the fire there’s different sections where you make the fire at Amber and how at another side you make it you make the fire bigger so like amongst all the other stations I found it more.

Challenging so the challenges were first and foremost is hot as hell it goes up to about 450 degrees Celsius the moment you touch anything for Life over there it’s probably a third degree burn I think like the heat really takes out a lot of our energy so at the end of the day we become like.

Even more tired of we can get really hot that’s why I need to always abandon I know I’ll be perspiring like crazy this is why I always have like a very cold bottle of water in the fridge I’ll keep washing my face yeah my hair too like it smells like grease of smoke oil beef everything I just smell like beef when I go home like we use a very nice wood for.

Mostly local iron bar so it’s very sweet smelling so I always smell nice thank God for that it doesn’t help that I’m so short so my face is right right at the grill so when I when I’m breathing in right it’s just right in front of me for male chefs I think they have it a bit easier us females that we might be small and also we have we go through a.

Different kind of hormonal system in our industry is uh majority is you know male dominated so for women we have to work doubly hard just you know to be respected at the same kind of respect as men get yeah yeah the majority of the people we work with in the kitchen is going to be male I’ve been undermined many times before I.

Can be asked are you uh here to do the pastry job so you’re not like taken seriously as somebody who works the hot side of the kitchen you really have to go that extra mile to prove yourself there was an instance of this place they didn’t want to give me like the normal part-time pay because they say from the looks of it I look like I can’t even.

Like portion out a steak probably true right we are surprised that you can actually work in the kitchen’s like yeah I mean I have been in the kitchen for a few years so yeah I’ll get this kind of comments quite often actually throughout my career I’ve been looked down upon by a lot of male chefs tell me you shouldn’t be a head chef better if you.

Just chose an easy job with a pretty face like that yeah that has happened a lot on the bright side I still have like a few great mentors who actually pushed me in the right way so they actually promote like female chefs in the kitchen I’m running a team of five and one of them is only a meal the rest is all female you got a nice mix of female.

Stuff in the kitchen it is quite nice to see a fever chefs being in this position and being empowered I want to be one of those that is still on a grill you know like puffing it out to show you that it’s not it’s not difficult yeah it’s actually it can be fun I enjoy the hard work my goal is to hopefully open a grill restaurant one day it’s very hard.

For people who don’t love what they do to be inside the kitchen is that there’s no point really it’s very hard

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