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Gravitas: China announces targeted military operations around Taiwan

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Gravitas: China announces targeted military operations around Taiwan” here is their detail.

Nancy pelosi has landed in taiwan beijing is not taking it lying low it has been a cyber attack on taiwan's presidential office china is also making military moves these are chinese troops moving across a beach with tanks taiwan is preparing for war it is preparing air raid shelters to protect its citizens now why is this visit such a big deal.

For china because they see taiwan as part of their country and they see this visit as a violation of their sovereignty and territorial integrity what about the us officially the us endorses the one china policy meaning taiwan is a part of china but in action they're backing taiwan's push for independence.

What will the u.s do if china's military strikes it will sell more weapons for sure every conflict anywhere in the world benefits u.s defense company but will washington follow through on its promise to protect taiwan it says it will but its record does not inspire confidence.

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