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Gravitas: Al-Qaeda chief killed in US drone strike on Kabul

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Gravitas: Al-Qaeda chief killed in US drone strike on Kabul” here is their detail.

So in taiwan the united states is circumspect they're already they're treading slowly and cautiously but that's not the case in afghanistan on sunday the united states carried out a major attack on kabul the target was this man ayman al-zawahiri he had succeeded osama bin laden as the al-qaeda chief since then there was a.

Target on his back almost 25 million dollars that's how much the u.s government was offering for his whereabouts so naturally you would imagine zawahiri was living in some deserted cave or some thick jungle well turns out he was not the al-qaeda chief was living in a busy kabul.

Neighborhood he was right under the taliban's nose or should i say under the taliban's protection on sunday the us military took him out they launched a drone strike on zawahiri's residence in kabul the operation was confirmed by u.s president joe biden he said justice has been.

Delivered my fellow americans on saturday at my direction the united states successfully concluded an airstrike in kabul afghanistan that killed the emir of al-qaeda iman zawiri.

Now justice has been delivered and this terrorist leader is no more zabahari was born in egypt in 1951 you could call him a career terrorist he joined the muslim brotherhood at the age of 14. then the egyptian islamic jihad and finally the al-qaeda somewhere along the way he also studied medicine.

Zavahari was a trained surgeon in 2009 he became the operations commander of al-qaeda and in 2011 he became the emir the chief finding him was a long and draining process for the u.s they tracked him for years but in august 2021 the search area narrowed why is that because the taliban captured power in kabul zavahari would.

Have felt much safer living under the taliban no anti-terror operations no foreign troops a safe haven for terrorist masterminds just like him so the u.s military began combing through afghanistan earlier this year they had a breakthrough zawahiri's family had moved to kabul his wife his daughter and her children.

So the u.s intelligence agencies began playing a waiting game they wanted to see if zawahiri himself would turn up eventually he did they spotted him on the balcony of a multi-storey building in kabul the next step was planning the attack first they studied the living pattern of the building.

Like where the family slept when did zawahiri step out how long did he stay on the balcony all of this information was compiled to devise an attack plan how long did that take almost two months may and june on the first of july they presented the plan to u.s president joe biden he asked.

A few routine questions like what was the risk of civilian casualties could weather play spoilsport and where exactly is the structure located and then biden sat on this plan for more than 20 days finally on the 25th of july he gave the green light interesting fact the president was.

Actually in quarantine due to covert at that time and once biden signed off on the operation the military got to work first they had to decide on the weapon unlike the bin laden raid u.s soldiers would not be deployed this time this would be a drone strike that's what they decided so they decided to use the.

Hellfire r nx missiles aka the ninja bomb most conventional missiles use an explosive warhead they blow up after hitting their target the hellfire does not this missile is fitted with six razor-like blades instead of blowing up the target the missile slices through it.

I know it sounds blood chilling but there's a reason why militaries use the ninja bombs you see explosions can cause civilian casualties you cannot determine how big the blast will be blades are relatively safer so that's what they used in the zavahari operation at 6 18 am on sunday two hellfire missiles were.

Released zavahari was on the balcony at that time u.s officials say he was killed on the spot this video shows the aftermath of the drone strike you can see a plume of smoke rising but the building itself appears to be intact also notice where zavahari was living his residents were surrounded by dozens.

Of other buildings honestly it looks like prime real estate which raises the question how did this dreaded terrorist find a safe haven in kabul we asked the same question back in 2011 how did osama bin laden find a safe haven near a pakistani military installation and both questions have the same answer.

Because the regime was harboring them zawahiri's house was apparently owned by a top aide of sirajuddin he's the taliban's interior minister also chief of the haqqani network the haqqanis actually tried to cover up the drone strike to erase any proof that zawahiri was living there why do you think that is.

Because the taliban has not changed they promised to drive out foreign terrorists from afghanistan instead they were harboring the al-qaeda's chief so much for taliban 2.0 the spokesperson has condemned the u.s strike but no word on ayman al-zawahiri how he ended up in kabul why he was living in a haqqani safe house no word on any of that.

And frankly it's not surprising the taliban's return has invigorated terror groups in afghanistan the al-qaeda has around 180 to 400 fighters in its ranks doesn't count as a global threat but with the taliban in charge who knows terror groups thrive when states sponsor them it happened in the 1990s under the.

Taliban it's happening again under their second regime such targeted strikes can temporarily halt their growth but ultimately you need sustained campaigns does joe biden have the appetite for that from the looks of it he doesn't this drone strike was not just about.

America's national security it was also about their politics joe biden's popularity has tanked in the last couple of months at this rate his party could lose the midterm elections in november so what does he do bring out the 911 card zawahiri was among the main planners of 9 11 killing him is sure to be a vote catcher and for.

The record it's not just joe biden barack obama did the same with osama bin laden his domestic policies were stalled so he took out bin laden donald trump did the same in 2019 his re-election chances were looking slim so trump took out abu bakr al-baghdadi he was the caliph of the islamic state and don't get me wrong all these.

Operations are crucial in the war on terror these men deserve to be neutralized having said that where is the sustained campaign you take out the leader you take a victory lap and you forget about the problem repeat terrorism cannot be defeated with such gunga operations alone.

You need grassroot level campaigns you need sustained anti-terror programs if not we'll wake up to another drone strike ten years from now a new president by the same al-qaeda veon is now available in your country download the app now and get all the news on the move

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