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Graeme Souness says Liverpool’s win over Man City was down to an intensity in the #LFC midfield 😍💪

Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool beat Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City 1-0 last night in the Premier League. talkSPORT’s Jim White, Simon Jordan and Graeme Souness discuss! Want content first & fastest? ✅ SUBSCRIBE here: Enjoyed this video? 😍 Check out some of our BEST stuff! ⚽ INCREDIBLE CALL🔥 You have to hear this 𝙚𝙥𝙞𝙘 call from

Graeme Souness says Liverpool’s win over Man City was down to an intensity in the #LFC midfield 😍💪

I thought they were fabulous you know Liverpool in the last five years or so I’ve been fantastic they played with a an intensity that few people could match for the full 90 minutes um there was no surprises when you were playing against the Liverpool teams over the last five years you had to work as.

Hard as hard as them um you had to match them for their aggression that’s been missing this year the intensity and midfield’s been been missing I’ve spoke about it for for a while that you know I feel their ills that a lot the majority of the rules are to do with the Midfield not being as intense with the closing down which is a.

You know it’s double edged it gets you on the front foot more it gets a volunteer Strikers quicker more regularly and also protects your your Defenders because if you’re if you’re playing someone who’s constantly in your face your head’s down this is a few thousand possession and you were working against me my head would be down and.

It’s not allowing me to make cute and clever passes yeah that I want to make that’s been that’s been the largest part of the problem for me and it was all there yesterday it was back yesterday and where are you with the way Anthony Taylor referees it I mean free-flowing plenty of meaty challenges it’s what we want to see does your ground you need to.

Advise what can I say about this I I am I I really enjoyed the game of football I thought was um two teams that you know were up up for the challenge I think the referee by and last did a very good game I don’t want to get you never watch a game of football and come away and see that referee you’ve got everything right but I think it got the largest part.

Right and I think and I think it was very very entertaining for everybody in the stadium and everyone who watched it yeah I mean it can boil over though I mean is there a balance it’s a responsibility I think I know where you’re going it’s a responsibility that you know managers and that’s it’s coming for me because I I would lose my.

Head every game I was involved in on it but there’s there are parameters you can’t go as you’re in club did yesterday in the face of the linesman when he’s trying to do his job he correctly got sent off in my opinion I think um that’s beyond passion right yeah that’s that’s you can’t do that that’s that’s insighting he apologized for it that’s.

Exciting that’s inciting you know the crowds acts in a different way I I have to say yesterday you know I see this when people say there’s a great atmosphere in the stadium you know and I thought it was fantastic yesterday the Liverpool supporters yesterday were were fantastic not because they were it wasn’t the songs.

They were singing it was they were challenging every challenge they were challenging every challenge their players made they were challenging every decision their referees they made it really difficult for City yesterday they made it very difficult for the referee but I think by and large you know a really good game yesterday but the.

Liverpool crowd yesterday were more than enough for it but not all of them are good and negative aspects Liverpool have opened an investigation Simon gladiola said he had coins through an atom after fordon’s goal was disallowed Liverpool condemned the the vile chance from their way end uh around Hillsborough um.

Graffiti referring to the Hillsborough disaster was also seen on toilet doors near where in the way Concourse yeah I mean there are all there are always some who are going out to spoil it who go too far yeah and again this was demonstrated yesterday but that is as it was all often the case in in every Walk of Life whether it’s Society politics or.

Football there is a vociferous minority that don’t always represent the majority in fact they very rarely do and whilst we have to identify and highlight these things the fact is they are a minority I do think that people other people I’m not suggesting we deflect but I do think you know I’m not suggesting the front coins that Pep Guardiola is in any way.

Shape or form excusable I do think some of his behavior needs to be looked at as well because he was at it on the touchline as well and these referees I’m not going to disappear into the territory of Grassroots stuff with what happened to Dave Bradshaw and that that referee that we’ve spoken to recently at Grassroots level but when you are seeing.

And there’s nothing wrong with emotion we want emotion but there’s a balance between emotion and overstepping the Mark I think both managers did it I think when when Angie Taylor went over to look at the uh screen guardiola’s at him on him across him and when he gives the verdict these up in the crowd’s face and he’s giving it to the crowd and.

There’s a balance between managers getting involved in inspiring their team and taking it Beyond The Pale now that doesn’t mean that fans have an excuse to behave in a fashion that is not conducive with civilized thinking and this is not civilized anyone that can make fun of anything that involves tragedies has something fundamentally.

Missing from their life one of the the fundamental Parts is decency but there is an aspect of football which is tribalistic that’s based upon ridicule and parody and doing the other guy down and so we have to get the balance between what our sport identifies with and what we’re prepared to accept no one should be writing crap on a wall about.

Dreadful things that have happened to Liverpool Football Club and its fans there’s no place there’s no place for it there’s no police we can’t identify with any of it and there’s no place for lots of things in in football stadiums and the best thing you can do is consequence it when you can and there’s no hiding now there’s nobody trying to dissuade us.

Of the view that these things are acceptable or persuaders that they are people come straight out on the front foot damn it and try and identify those rejoicing and people losing their lives we saw recently when our when our queen died people actually celebrating that old lady dying it’s pathetic these people have no place in our society and.

Should be consequenced yeah if he could if you could single them up I mean what planet do you live on when you can see life like that exactly so Liverpool have opened an investigation after Guardiola said he had coins through an atom but what will that investigation produce Jim White and Simon Jordan Monday to Friday mornings from 10 on am on DAV via the.

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