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Global National: Dec. 28, 2022 | What we know so far about OPP officer’s shooting as charges laid

Global National: Dec. 28, 2022 | What we know so far about OPP officer’s shooting as charges laid

on this Wednesday night a childhood dream turns to tragedy this is a man who at five years old decided he wanted to be a police officer the rookie Ontario officer gunned down on his first solo ship no way home now I’m getting frustrated Canadian Travelers seemingly abandoned.

By their Airline and this year’s top news stories nobody really expected anything like that to happen what really captured the attention of Canadians global national with Donna Friesen reporting tonight Chris gayles good evening and thanks very much for joining us Ontario Provincial Police have charged a 25 year old man and a.

30-year-old woman with first degree murder in the shocking death of a rookie OPP officer Constable Greg Pierce shallow was shot and killed while responding to a call about a vehicle in a ditch the 28 year old was on his first day of solo Patrol after completing his 10-month probation Global Sean O’Shea has the latest heartbreaking details.

Sean Chris this is the fifth Canadian police officer to die in the line of duty this year the officer who died Tuesday evening had just barely passed probation he was only 28 years old and had spent less than a year on the job Ontario Provincial Police Constable Greg percella originally from Barry Ontario.

Described by the head of the force as someone who knew early on exactly what he wanted this is a man who at five years old decided he wanted to be a police officer and he had a brief opportunity to live out his dream and to do his best to keep our community safe Priscilla was responding to a call in rural Ontario about 40 kilometers from.

The city of Hamilton Police say the call was about this car in a ditch the officer approached the motor vehicle and the information we have is that it was open fired upon and he was shot and killed the local community was told to stay indoors as police sought suspects a few hours later they arrested 25 year old Randall McKenzie and 30 year old.

Brandy Crystal Lynn Stewart Sperry both suspects face first-degree murder charges the meeting with the family was extremely devastated they are absolutely heartbroken within hours of the officer’s death tributes poured in Ontario Premier Doug Ford said prashallah was killed while honoring his oath to protect his Province prime.

Minister Justin Trudeau said the thoughts of all Canadians are with his family Rochelle’s body was taken into procession to the coroner’s office escorted by police officers and other First Responders with five Canadian police officers killed in the line of duty in 2022 police funerals are met as.

A reminder of the wrist faced by law enforcement Priscilla had been a special Constable working at the Ontario legislature before joining the force he’d served in the Canadian Armed Forces and had been a competitive wrestler in University then on the very day he was told he passed a mandatory 10-month probation and was allowed to work alone.

He was shot and killed while on patrol by himself everybody commented about what a fantastic police officer Greg was focused now besides the investigation to support his family his parents and siblings Chris all right Sean thank you that’s Shawn O’Shea and Cayuga Ontario tonight now Canada’s Transportation Minister says he’s concerned thousands.

Of Canadians are still stuck abroad after their flights were canceled multiple times Following last week’s winter storm many passengers claim they’ve had little to no communication from sun wing Airlines for days and still don’t know when they’ll be able to get home nitu garcha reports.

Today is not like going back home for hundreds of Canadians stranded in Puerto Vallarta this is the message they repeatedly heard from sun wing representatives for sameen Banji who recorded this video it was the fifth time in a week she thought she was going home to Vancouver with her family we can understand the weather but the weather.

Maybe was two or three days delay well I’m on day seven I mean on day 14 of a seven day trip like there’s no what the way they can be blaming weather right now so this is actually where the dinner and reception area is going to be Allen Indiana are more than five days into their trip from Toronto to Cuba to get married and they still don’t have their.

Baggage we’re all sitting down here with no luggage uh no wedding attire or wedding decorations they say they flew with sun wing and have gotten few answers from the company now I’m getting frustrated and I’m getting angry because there’s no this is not necessary Canada’s transport minister is calling the situation unacceptable in a tweet he.

Says Canadians are patient when it comes to weather disruptions but they rightly expect their Airlines to keep them informed and to manage these disruptions smoothly sunwink said this week its return flights continue to be delayed due to displaced crew and aircraft from the aftermath of severe weather disruptions across Canada there’s been.

No measurable Snowden it’s been just so stressful I’ve been on the phone every day with sun wing in a statement the Canadian Transportation agency said it won’t comment on this issue because it has all the powers of a superior court and Sunwing situation may come to be decided by our tribunal and passengers who believe an airline didn’t.

Follow the air passenger protection regulations can file a complaint for potential compensation and refunds they’re not living up to what they’re saying that they’re doing they could sit here and say they’re sending all these rescue flights to only two rescue plates that come this week so clearly they’re not doing their job Banji says she hopes.

Sun wing will be held accountable and improve its communication with customers who feel abandoned by the airline Global News in the U.S no Community was hit harder by deadly winter storms than the Buffalo New York area where the death toll has now risen to 34. a massive blizzard over the holiday weekend dumped more than.

Four feet of snow on parts of the state with the City of Buffalo getting the worst of it authorities say at least three of the Dead have still not been identified and there are concerns the death toll will rise as the full extent of damage becomes clearer members of the National Guard have been called in to help clean up and they are going door to.

Door in some neighborhoods to check on residents in total at least 60 deaths have been attributed to the storm across the U.S as China continues to loosen pandemic related restrictions other countries are imposing restrictions on those traveling out of China China recently announced an end to its zero covid policy followed by a surge in.

Cases the U.S Italy India Japan and Malaysia will now all require Chinese travelers to submit negative tests for entry so far Canada has not followed suit China’s official death toll this week stands at three however International bodies studying the virus say it’s more likely to be in the thousands that comes at the end of a.

Turbulent year for airports and Airlines across the world as passenger numbers bounced back the industry really struggled Redmond Shannon has a look at the challenges facing Airlines and what passengers should expect in the year ahead on Wednesday Hong Kong followed China its government says it will scrap most.

Covid-19 restrictions for incoming Travelers despite other countries now placing new testing rules on travelers from China 2022 was a year when restrictions mostly fell away across the globe the resulting Rebound in air travel was almost as sharp as the fall off in 2020 although still about a third below 2019 levels the number of air.

Journeys is back to where they were in about 2014. it’s no longer the case that we are convincing passengers to try to fly more to get back to where we used to be in aviation it’s just whether or not airlines are in a position to be able to do so and that was the Rob Airlines and airports that quickly laid off staff in 2020 struggled to hire back enough.

Workers to meet demand resulting in travel nightmares I got stranded in Montreal for over 24 hours I had six cancellations six delays for money 2022 will be remembered as the summer of last luggage and not just in Canada London’s Heathrow Airport desperately asked Airlines to Simply sell fewer tickets the invasion of Ukraine disrupted.

Aviation in Europe Ukraine’s airspace unsafe Russia the world’s largest country banned Western Airlines from flying through its Skies too the cost of oil dropped back after a post-invasion spike but price hedging means there’s often a delay in how that affects ticket prices the cost of air travel make no mistake over the next year is going to.

Be higher than that of 2022 and it will be attributed mostly to the war in Ukraine and what that has done to the oil price as flying continues to Rebound in 2023 the looming headache for Airlines will be squaring that growth with the industry’s ambitious net zero emissions targets Redmond Shannon Global News London.

A jail guard has been suspended following the death of an inmate at a Montreal detention center after the inmate was allegedly injured on Christmas Eve 21-year-old niku de Andres spring is said to have succumbed to his injuries after being transported to hospital from Montreal’s Bordeaux jail Quebec Provincial Police have launched.

An investigation into the incident but no information has been released about how spring was injured only that an autopsy will determine the cause and circumstances of his death people who knew the man planned to hold a vigil in his honor Friday evening a former Nazi concentration camp secretary gears up for a new legal.

Battle coming up why this 97 year old is not going away quietly plus escaping the war the resulting Refugee crisis from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine residents in Hassan are being urged to leave the recently liberated City in Ukraine with Russia intensifying its assault on the region a maternity.

Hospital is among the dozens of Civilian targets hit in Wednesday’s strikes although mothers and their newborn babies were taken to shelter safely the building suffered significant damage City officials say Hassan is one of the most dangerous places to be right now but say that they are having difficulty convincing residents to leave a strike.

On Christmas Eve killed at least 10 people there are estimates about a hundred thousand Ukrainian soldiers and an equal number of Russian soldiers have been killed or injured since the start of the war in February caught in the middle of the fighting are those civilians tens of thousands have been killed Millions had.

To leave their homes and tonight Mike Armstrong takes a look at what became the biggest Refugee crisis in Europe since the Second World War bombings continue so does the misery just over the last month according to the U.N close to 700 000 ukrainians have been forced out of their homes summer there were actually more refugees.

Re-entering the country than leaving that’s turned around again and experts say likely to get worse people who had been holding out with winter Now setting in may have to give up if there is widespread power outages and you know Sub-Zero temperatures there’s just not a possibility for people to stay the numbers are staggering inside.

Ukraine an estimated 5.9 million people are displaced the number forced out of the country is even bigger more than 7.8 million fled to Europe Canada’s contribution 132 000 refugees were brought to this country the reaction was quick and bipartisan although uneven different provinces have decided to do different.

Things so you know some of the Maritime Provinces have been very proactive um you know even chartering planes and getting people to Canada other provinces have been a little bit like well if they come will deal with it in the first weeks of the war there was a rush to get out about 200 000 people were leaving every day we were on the ground in.

Poland and Western Ukraine most of the people we met didn’t know where they were going only that they couldn’t stay This Girl’s family said they were waiting for a bus they didn’t know the destination they did know it was better than being at home she says she and her family spent five nights hiding in their basement.

Now with that sense of urgency the European Union dropped the regular Asylum system and granted ukrainians temporary protected status the candidate was called temporary residence status it gave displaced ukrainians immediately Access to Health Care education and the ability to work Refugee Advocates have praised the reaction but also pointed.

Out how different it is from the way refugees from the Middle East and Africa have been treated in recent years it stands out because it is in Stark relief to the welcome or lack thereof for people from other places and even frankly for people who were in Ukraine from other countries so African students or International students from elsewhere.

Who were racialized who are studying in Ukraine and when they went across the border we’re told no no this is for ukrainians now there are challenges ahead for the millions of ukrainians outside their country conflict ends do they try to stay where they’ve settled or try to go home.

If they choose to return then there’s the question of what are they going back to Mike Armstrong Global News Montreal in the U.S the Supreme Court has voted to keep a controversial immigration policy in place for at least another six months known as title 42 it allows the government to turn away Asylum Seekers.

From the U.S Mexico border news of the decision was met with protests from migrants in El Paso Texas the policy was invoked in March 2020 by then president Donald Trump during the early stages of the pandemic it was set to expire on December 21st but the Supreme Court blocked its termination and extended the policy after a narrow.

5-4 vote President Joe Biden says his government will comply with the ruling but told reporters he believes a reform is long overdue a 97 year old German woman is appealing her conviction of being an accessory to murder during her time as his secretary at a Nazi concentration camp more than 75 years ago dubbed the Secretary of.

Evil by German media ERM guard ferkner was found guilty of being an accessory to more than ten thousand murders earlier this month the court handed her a two-year suspended sentence saying ferkner willingly supported the cruel death of prisoners during the second world war it’s not yet known when the court will consider her appeal.

Pope Francis is urging the public to pray for former Pope Benedict saying he is very sick the pontiff didn’t reveal the nature of Benedict’s Illness but during his Wednesday audience he said quote let’s ask the Lord to comfort him and support him in this testimony of love for the church until the end the Vatican confirms Benedict’s health is.

Worsening due to Advanced age Benedict whose 95 has been living at the Vatican since he retired in 2013. he’s the first pope in some 600 years to resign the Vatican has detailed procedures to follow when a pope dies but hasn’t published any rules for a pope emeritus inflation mitigation just ahead the potential side effects of government.

Giving financial support to struggling Canadians questions tonight about how much help from the government is too much help governments of all Strife across Canada are providing financial assistance to taxpayers as a way of easing The Sting of inflation but as Ross Lord reports.

Cost of living checks could come with some unintended effects inflation that reached record levels this year put immense pressure on all levels of government to offset the impacts most provinces and territories are providing inflation assistance cost of living payments that largely are in the hundreds of dollars per recipient.

Among the more generous is Newfoundland and Labrador well the cost of food has risen dramatically so what we’ve been able to do now is provide an extra 500 that people can utilize um you know either for their heating costs or for food costs the checks are costing the province almost 200 million dollars it has the money because one.

Inflation driver the high price of oil generates big bucks for the government across the rest of the country that price tag is almost 7 Billion Dollars policy analysts say cost of living relief checks fall far short of offsetting the impact of higher prices although they could boost morale most people feel some sort of crunch between.

December January February worry when everybody’s kind of trying to do a bit more around the holidays and now people’s money isn’t going as far as it used to anyway and so it could be that a even a small piece of relief right now is very much appreciated especially with things like food prices forecast to keep increasing but government intervention.

Might be hitting its limit Newfoundland and Labrador calls its inflation checks a one-time measure hoping more mail outs won’t be required we’re not finished our budget by any stretch of the imagination at this point so we’ll we’re watching as to what’s happening hopefully things will start to ease with many Canadians looking for a break from inflation and.

The elected officials looking to help where they can where the spending train comes to a stop will be a big question in the new year Ross Lorde Global News Halifax here next what can I think is 2022’s top story.

As 2022 draws to a close Canadians are reflecting on the major events that have shaped this year a new ipsos poll conducted on behalf of global news finds some major conflicts for front and center for a lot of people tariya Israeli explores the top news stories of 2022 according to you streets sliced open by shrapnel scorched.

Vehicles bombed out buildings the Ukrainian Army retook the southern city of kirstan from Russia but it Bears the wounds of battle as does the entire country in a conflict that’s reshaping both Europe and the world and leaving its mark on the year 2022. nobody really expected anything like that to happen in Europe it’s been what 75 years or so.

Since the last war an epsos poll done for Global News found more than 70 percent of Canadians believe the war in Ukraine is the biggest international news story of the year just saw the uh the president of of Ukraine and Washington um you know it’s it’s clearly you know front page news and people are paying.

Attention this defense expert predicts they will have to keep paying attention because this will be a protracted War Russia knows we’ll probably be playing the long game so the question is uh is NATO going to remain as cohesive as they sounded in 2022 concerned about conflict abroad they were also focused on economic.

Uncertainty at home and the rising cost of 40 percent of Canadians consider Rising interest rates and inflation the second biggest International Story the war in Ukraine is helping drive up energy costs while the pandemic keeps disrupting Supply chains all these factors have fueled record food prices these macro.

Events became very micro meaning they hit everybody personally and individually the freedom Convoy that took over Ottawa also dominated the conversation 62 percent of Canadians consider it the top domestic story economists believe Financial fear is the theme of 2022 and what connects all these headlines I think inflation has.

Plateaued and what we’re going to see are gradual keyword is gradual slow declines in inflation the top stories of 2022 that will shape the next year terea isri Global News Ottawa and that is global national for this Wednesday I’m Chris gayles tonight’s York Canada is blumenort Manitoba just.

Southeast of Winnipeg and we love seeing your Canada so please email your pictures to viewers at thanks very much for watching hope to see you again right here tomorrow have a great evening foreign

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