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Girl Guides Canada on reasoning for Brownies name change

Girl Guides Canada on reasoning for Brownies name change

Well Jill uh how do you feel about this name change the the final decision to settle on emperors I feel excited I mean I I actually liked both names but I think I think Embers is a great choice the sort of notion of the glowing and the potential um the branch below Embers is called.

Sparks so that’s also sort of that fire and campfire which is a big part of Girl Guides so I feel great about it so it’s a name that the organization says is going to evoke the potential in young girls in this group but when did the organization realize that the previous name for the group needed to change we did hear from both current and former.

Members that the previous name caused harm and uh that happened during the covid pandemic and we decided that what we would do whatever we could in order to change that and so we launched this National selection process and now we have a new name and so why was it Embers versus comets those were the two names we did a lot of.

Uh we did a lot of focus groups with girls with girls inside and outside the organization obviously we had you know lots of names but they were already taken by other organizations so there’s always trademark considerations to take into account and these were the two that really Rose to the top and so what reaction have you heard from Members.

People in the community who are perhaps interested in joining uh what have you been hearing from them I have to say that the reaction was overwhelmingly positive from inside the organization and uh you know one thing I think that was really special was that everyone in the organization was was fairly positive but especially girls who.

Are seven and eight in this Branch uh the new Embers themselves were really positive about this change I think we anticipated that girl guys that we’ve been having a lot of difficult conversations but I will say that the least difficult conversations were were this were with this age group and when we said to them you know sometimes some.

Of the girls who are your age feel like they don’t belong because of this name their automatic reaction was well we should change it and it was it was very hopeful and very positive

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