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George Santos faces federal investigation

Now to a developing story after admitting he lied on his resume Long Island Congressman elect George Santos is facing a federal investigation Congress is also being pressured to take action as members of his own party are coming forward against him CBS 2’s John Diaz is live in Mineola where there’s a rally today with Community leaders and.

The Democrat who lost to Santos John what are they calling for good morning to both of you while they are calling George Santos in their words eight National embarrassment and they say that there should be a proper ethics investigation done into this misconduct and as you mentioned members of his own party they are now speaking out they are.

Not happy about all this and they too are calling on similar investigations this morning CBS News sources say prosecutors with the U.S attorney’s office for the eastern district of New York are now looking into congressman-elect George Santos’s finances including Financial disclosure filings this has strong bonds within the.

Long Island Republican party are seemingly breaking with many representatives now reprimanding Santos stopping short of asking him to step aside but making it known they’re not happy with his lies Fabrications he admitted to embellishing his resume and telling false statements about his background and other information.

Incoming representative Nick leloda said quote I believe a full investigation by the house Ethics Committee and if necessary law enforcement is required newly-led Congressman Anthony Diaz physio didn’t say Santo should step down but did say in part his Fabrications regarding the Holocaust and his family’s history are particularly hurtful he must.

Continue to pursue a path of honesty Congressional experts say if Santos does not resign very little stands in the way of him being sworn in as scheduled on January 3rd once someone is sworn in as a member really the only standard that the constitution has set is that two-thirds of the house must agree in the case of an expulsion Congressman.

Andrew garberino said as a member of the ethics subcommittee on investigations he is unable to comment and Republican House minority leader Congressman Kevin McCarthy has not responded to requests for a comment and New York State Attorney General Leticia James has also said that she too is looking into these Fabrications now.

If George Santos actually does step down well we are told that his seat will remain empty until the governor has a special election which would include a primary in this spring we’re live this morning from Mineola John Diaz CBS 2 news thank you for that update John

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