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Gardaí issue warning over fake €2 coins

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Gardaí issue warning over fake €2 coins” here is their detail.

Counterfeit two euro coins look nearly identical to the real thing but guard these say there are differences compared to a genuine coin there will be per image detail different in the color and in the core the edging will be slightly different there'll be incorrect spelling incorrect.

Fonting the size of the coin will will differ there'll be different thickness in diameter and different in weight genuine two euros and one euro kinds are slightly magnetic so using a magnet you should be able to lift the coin but it should fall off.

Two euro coins with an apparent faith value of 2920 euro were recovered in rahini in dublin in july it's the first large seizure of counterfeit coins in this jurisdiction this is a real two euro coin and this is a fake counterfeit one guardi have appealed to the public to be aware of the subtle differences between.

The two as they say there could be more circulating around the country guardi say one person was charged and brought before the courts at the end of july in connection with these counterfeit coins they also say assets worth nearly 74 000 euro have been frozen in bank accounts anyone who thinks they might be in.

Possession of counterfeit money are obliged to give it to a financial institution the guardi or the central bank's national analysis centre ashland kenny rte news

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