Free and easy travel to Japan on the rise, following lifting of restrictions

Free and easy travel to Japan on the rise, following lifting of restrictions

Or some travel operators are seeing demand for free and easy travel to Japan increase following the country’s move to lift covid-19 restrictions on foreign tourists next month that operators say there may not be enough airline tickets to go around especially with the year-end holidays around the corner chances of the week with this report.

More foreign tourists could be skiing down these snow-covered slopes again as Japan relaxes border control measures from 11 October visa-free and individual travel will also resume travel site Expedia says flight searches to the country almost doubled while search demand for hotels there went up by 85 percent it says some Travelers have even.

Booked tickets up to six months in advance those that are planning the year and holidays have already started to plan and book their trips to Japan and with today’s announcement will now you know be a little bit more motivated to think about Japan as a destination what we’re also seeing is that Travelers are.

Starting to plan for their spring break Travelers are starting to take advantage of great Affairs far in advance direct flights to Japan currently range from 1 000 to two thousand dollars one Trail operator says the country has always been a popular destination until the recent announcement tourists could only visit through package tours now EU.

Holidays is getting more calls free and easy inquiry is on a rise yeah because there is currently certain group of customers who are not willing to travel with a big group they want to travel on their own itinerary earlier the company redeployed manpower to handle at least 2 000 Visa.

Applications but now with the visa-free travel their staff can resume their regular duties however it still faces one problem there aren’t enough airline tickets to meet demand we are in the mercy of the Airlines number of seats so getting seats from Airline is extremely challenging for us especially after the second announcement.

After this third announcement it’s gonna get worse Reports say Airlines such as all nepon Airways will increase international flights to meet demand visitor numbers to Japan stood at 246 000 last year a stark contrast to 32 million before the pandemic

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