Florida struggles to recover from Hurricane Ian

Florida struggles to recover from Hurricane Ian

And more than a week has passed since hurricane Ian hit Florida the state’s still struggling to recover the death toll now stands at 136. some people who flood their homes and businesses are just now seeing what’s left behind NBC’s Dan shenneman reports residents returned to Sanibel Island for the first time since hurricane Ian we.

Need prayers that would help and a lot of Manpower and a bridge fishing boats used as ferries to get passengers to and from the island Gene Melvin has owned a business on the island for a half a century gone in an instant yep yep it’ll be fine.

Just one of the many stories of loss and heartbreak across Florida no realize how nice it was to what’s going the storm battered homes the people who lived in those homes now in desperate need of help the line at one food distribution center never seems to end 300 000 meals a day which is at the.

Height of the pandemic is what we were providing so there’s such a need right now there is also growing frustration some communities feel ignored tell me where to go what to do you know just people need to help each other and they’re not and everywhere people are just trying to cope the heart the soul.

The houses it’s gone it’s done communities cleaning up ahead of a long rebuild Dan cinnamon NBC News

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