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Flight delays: Here’s why the FAA had to ground all aircraft

Flight delays: Here’s why the FAA had to ground all aircraft

I want to bring in CTV News Aviation specialist Phil dirty Phil good morning so can you boil it down into layman’s terms for us help us understand what this outage was all about and why it led to the delays of so many flights say good morning Marcia well what happened is the No Time system went down and the the best way to put it it’s.

Called notice air missions in the old days we used to call it notice to Airmen so it’s important or critical information that the pilots need to know about their trip so for instance I just printed off two pages worth of no Tams just for Toronto um so basically if there’s cranes in the areas if runways are closed if taxiways.

Are closed if they’ve put chemicals on the runway it’s all this important stuff that the pilots need to know before they leave what could have caused this outage we know they’re working on it they’re trying to get to the bottom of it but what’s your take it seemed to be a computer glitch and the whole system crashed and so they’re.

Working feverishly to get it back up and running and it seems uh they said that things are starting to move again so the no Tabs are starting to come out um but what they can do also is they do have a backup which we they do orally so the pilots that are on Route already if the no Tams are down automated system is down then the air traffic controllers.

Can actually relay the information to the pilots about their destination do we use a similar system to no Tam here in Canada yeah exactly the same thing you can go onto the website uh check the aviation weather you can check what the winds are you can get all your information off of the website and off of that system.

So what are you seeing about flights in Canada being affected by this well the Canadian system isn’t affected it’s the flight’s going into the United States so the FAA system so any flights that’s uh Bound for the states like right now there’ll be a lot of flights going down to Florida to New York Chicago so I’m going to La so those.

Flights will be delayed until they can get the proper no times up and running okay and it seems as though um we can’t get a firm grip right now Phil on how long the impact the consequences of this will last obviously there’s going to be a ripple effect but would be your best guess before things get cleared up.

Well that’s the thing what’s gonna have as you said it’s going to be a ripple effect so they’re going to be taking delays uh you know some they should they said they were going to have it up and running by nine nine a.m this morning which is about half an hour ago so things just start slowly starting to move the pilots can get airborne again.

And uh you know but things will be delayed but they’ll start to catch up during the day

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