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Fine Gael Senator “Appalled” by Claims Ireland is Not Open to Housing Refugees | The Tonight Show

Fine Gael Senator “Appalled” by Claims Ireland is Not Open to Housing Refugees | The Tonight Show

People don’t come here to be holed up with multiple other nationalities in accommodation that is not fit for purpose that is supposed to be a hotel it’s supposed to be temporary accommodation for tourists having a holiday here why would people come here otherwise what would be your take on it because you have joked some controversy.

With your view that numbers should be capped you have said that before um and your your own View and that some would say well look that’s the view of the same people who are protesting at the weekend outside emergency accommodation centers yeah well let’s just look first of all I don’t agree with any protesting outside.

Any centers um I think there’s responsible ways to protest above outside the doll or different place LED is outside Asylum Seekers uh where they’re staying is not appropriate in my view um I want to first of all say as mayor Kerry that I’m very proud of the people.

Of Kerry for what they have done for the people of Ukraine um over the past since the war has started but I must say that the welcome then the real the reality is that the welcome was there that would welcome that was there at the start of the war is not there today and why not because.

Of a field system that has caused the device in my view um and the view of the people out there um I’m listening to people every day of the week and the way that the system has been put forward it is called the devoid and I think quite a big issue is you have people are getting Ukrainian.

Refugees and different refugees mixed up there has been trouble and we’re all aware of that over the past couple of a couple of weeks and months and I suppose look there is no plan there never has been a plan in my view was John Francis villain who said the welcome that was there at the beginning for refugees is no longer there now do you agree with.

Them I I think that I am initially I I to be quite honest to appalled at the loose language around these are human beings coming to Ireland seeking refuge in the case of the international protection applicants those who are fleeing the war in Ukraine are enemy there or their enemy there is Putin who.

Is murdering ukrainians in their homes and sending in bombs it is a murderous War started by him in an unprovoked manner so people who come to Ireland come out of the majority come as of absolute need and the Department of Justice who are responsible for the entire the international protection system and have have a a discernment of.

Whether someone is coming from a so-called safe country a country where there isn’t inhumane treatment or torture or there isn’t a risk of War and the people in that in those instances are processed much more quickly and then and and see even since September member last year we’ve had 500 deportation orders arising out of that much more.

Quick system so the language in general language in general is very worrying that we have a politician of a national standing and being so discriminatory I I really to be honest I I’m quite bored In fairness he said he is reflecting he’s a politician there for a very long time with his feet firmly on the ground with his ear to what local people are.

Saying that he is simply reflecting the local feelings but but politics is also about leadership and it is also about reminding people of the reality of the fact that there are crises going on in the world that cause people to flee and come to Ireland and that Ireland has International legal and moral obligations to provide refuge and.

Shelter to people seeking a refuge and also for those you know who are coming from from Ukraine there is a a special status for the individuals coming from Ukraine in in the same as they would from from a European Union member states

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