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Fiji PM Frank Bainimarama’s son charged with domestic violence offences in Australia | The World

Fiji PM Frank Bainimarama’s son charged with domestic violence offences in Australia | The World

Well girish we actually don’t know why the suppression order was imposed over the weekend in the first place the abc wasn’t in court at the time and i haven’t seen any reasoning that’s been put out there publicly but we did hear today in the court a bit of an argument about the suppression order before the magistrate decided to lift it which.

Gives you a sense of what the arguments may have been uh back on the weekend look essentially lawyers for mr bini marama argued that it should remain suppressed that his name should remain suppressed in part because of the media interests surrounding this trial they said that there might well be information that the.

Media would have access to as part of their reporting which wouldn’t necessarily be in front of a jury if this in fact does go to a jury trial down the track which could potentially uh influence the the jury through that media coverage so his lawyers argued that there was a good reason to keep it suppressed they also said that he would.

Be relying on his good name to defend the charges and therefore the media reporting drawing on that information may have an impact on that trial lawyers for the abc however and media organizations there argued against that they said it was a very long bow to suggest that jurors may.

Be influenced 12 months or so down the track if a jury is impaneled in the future by any media reporting that that crops up now and argued that there was no justifiable reason to keep the to keep the suppression order in place and eventually the magistrate agreed uh.

Saying essentially that uh she wasn’t convinced by the arguments put forward by mr bani marama’s lawyers she said that you know cases like this are sadly not unusual that allegations of domestic violence are not particularly unconventional and there have been fairly high profile people for example she listed nrl players.

Who have had similar allegations made against them and which have been covered in the media so she didn’t see anything extraordinary about this trial justifying a suppression order and therefore it was lifted so with the trial what happens next uh well we know that mr bani marama will return to court or rather his case will.

Return to court uh in october on october 14th so that’s still a little while to go uh given the nature of the the the charges here and there are 17 charges which have been leveled against mr banimarama ranging across assault choking without consent stalking intimidation they’re fairly serious charges so it could lead.

We’re told to uh to a jury being impaneled if that does happen this could take quite a while you can imagine this this case easily dragging on for several months or perhaps even more than a year until there’s some sort of resolution of course he is the son of fiji’s prime minister what are the political implications here for frank bainimorama.

Yeah look there are certainly some political ramifications for frank bernie marama uh meli banimarama’s father who is of course facing what seems to be a pretty tight contest in in the election now that election is not far away it’s got to be held before january next year mr banimarama has already said it will happen this year so most pundits are.

Tipping a poll perhaps around november or so although it’s difficult to be sure and is facing a tough contest we’ve got a former uh prime minister of the former prime minister of rambukha who is challenging him for the top job it’s difficult to say exactly where that contest is at but most close observers say it could easily be a really really.

Tight one from mr bani marama certainly mr rambucca presents a pretty serious challenge to him and and it could be a close contest in that context you’d have to say a development like this even though it doesn’t directly touch on mr bini marama frank bani marama himself or his credibility is at best a very unwelcome distraction for the prime.

Minister and could well have implications in a contest which could easily go right down to the wire okay stephen judges in canberra thanks very much thanks girish appreciate it you