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Federal transport committee to study holiday travel issues

Federal transport committee to study holiday travel issues

Well the Parliamentary committee wants to hear from people who had their holiday travel plans impacted by delays and cancellations members of the federal transport committee voted in favor of a motion to study the widespread disruptions hundreds of Travelers were stranded in Mexico after Sunwing canceled flights due to poor weather.

Other people were stuck on a train between Ottawa and Toronto for more than 20 hours representatives from Air Canada Sunwing and Via Rail are among the witnesses MPS want to hear from transport Minister Omar al-gabra is also set to testify the CTA Canadian Transportation agencies is dealing with an avalanche of.

Complaints that were unforecasted we are working on making sure that we streamline the process of dealing with complaints we are also working on clarifying and strengthening these rules but again let’s not lose sight of the fact that the Airlines private businesses are expected to hold their customers rights uh uh at the center of.

Their operation conservative and new democrat MPS have called on the minister to answer for how the federal government responded to the travel disruptions

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