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Federal Court sets single-day hearing for Najib’s SRC case review

Federal Court sets single-day hearing for Najib’s SRC case review

Najib Abdul razak’s review against his conviction and sentencing in the 42 million Ringgit SRC International corruption case would only be heard by the federal court on January 19th the Apex court has taken off the previously set additional hearing dates on January 20th and 26th Deputy public prosecutor Muhammad Ashraf Adrian kamarul confirmed.

That the Apex court has rescheduled the hearing of the review the court said that rescheduling was due to a member of the federal courts panel that has other ongoing cases that clashed with the January 20th and 26 hearing dates when contacted today najib’s Council Muhammad Farhan Muhammad Shafi explained that it was not so much a rescheduling but that.

The two hearing dates were taken off he added that no replacement dates so far have been set for those dates by the Apex court najib is Seeking a different Apex Court Quorum then the one led by Chief Justice tanku mymuntu and mat currently incarcerated at kajang prison najib is also currently pursuing other avenues outside the Judiciary namely a.

Petition for Royal pardon as well as a petition before the United Nations according to a copy of the notice of motion najib is also seeking a review against the Apex Court’s decision to dismiss his three interlocutory applications one is najib’s application to recuse trial judge Muhammad nazlan Muhammad ghazali from the SRC.

International Case and nullified the whole trial second is his bid to adjourn the federal court hearing of his appeal to allow his legal team to prepare for the case and third is his application to recuse tunku maimun from the appeal besides an acquittal najib may also get a re-hearing of his SRC appeal before a different Apex panel if his review is.