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Father of 4-year-old girl fatally struck by train in Mississauga, Ont. speaks out

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Father of 4-year-old girl fatally struck by train in Mississauga, Ont. speaks out” here is their detail.

Welcome back to ctv newschannel i'm jennifer burke the family of a four-year-old girl who was struck and killed by a train in mississauga ontario last week are speaking out for the first time about this heartbreaking tragedy it was last tuesday when witnesses in the family of michelle nuabuku heard a.

Train's horn followed by the sound of screeching breaks three kids were found crying and the young girl was found dead for more let's bring in cp-24 bakari savage joining me now from mississauga ontario bakari this is such an awful story on the day of the funeral for little four-year-old.

Michelle yeah good afternoon jennifer i wish it could be better circumstances that i'm speaking to you on but um you know michelle she was only four years old when she lost her life you know i had a chance to speak with the family about an hour.

Before the service happened to you know find out why and how could something like this happen and you know jennifer i should say that they did reach out to me to share their story here's part of that conversation from the father emmanuel they all went downstairs with the elder their elder sister kosi.

Sachiko and their elder brother dozier and it was they said it was ice cream day so normally only um my daughter is always with me.

But because it was an ice cream day they went with their sister downstairs to the park they've been going there most times people were there emoji just only 15 minutes later we received a call but she can no longer breathe.

And we rushed out what happened where are they they were at the park i went to the park i still saw the children that they were playing with then i followed that part i said where is this place i don't know that's the.

First time i'm seeing that part that part that leads to the trail to the train track getting there what are you people looking for they said they followed the butterfly plane on day they were playing in the park and they chased the butterfly to that.

Spot i couldn't talk till then i didn't hear any other thing only for me to see my daughter lifeless on the floor so that's and since then till now that's all i have to say oh bakari that is just awesome that yeah.

You know the father he was standing there uh you know his wife was by side along with their two surviving children and they were it this was tough i'm sure tell me more about the little girl we just showed her picture of michelle um what did her parents have.

To say about her uh wow i mean you know she she was magical i guess that's sort of you know the best way to sum it up you know we're talking about a four-year-old child who you know also jennifer i learned that uh the family was actually.

Mourning the loss of the grandmother back in nigeria when all of this when all this happened but you know getting emanuel to talk about his daughter here's a little of what he was able to muster to share with mitchell is a lively person mitchell.

Is a cheerful person people have touched lives this is me checking into my life mitchell i've touched lies yeah jennifer uh the patriarch said that you know they are not setting up a gofundme account or anything like that um he did say that they do hope at some.

Point in the future to have a memorial concert um

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