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FAA working to restore notice to air missions system

FAA working to restore notice to air missions system

Foreign shot of LaGuardia this hour and a breaking news story we continue to follow the U.S Federal Aviation Administration has halted flights across the U.S due to a system outage all right let’s talk more about this this morning.

Joining us right now live is Phil dirty CTV Aviation specialist Phil really appreciate your Insight on a morning like this so can you explain what this no Tam system is and can you have a sense of what may have gone wrong here today yeah good morning Nick and Dan uh yeah so what happens if they had a computer.

Outage which affected the no Tams which is noticed air missions or what we call notice to Airmen and what this the no Tams do is they provide critical information to the pilots that they need to know for on route or on their destination so if there’s any critical information like a Runway being closed a navigational Aid not working it’s.

Critical stuff that they really need to know before they leave the ground okay that’s a very good explanation Phil so what happens if you’re a pilot in the skies while this outage happens are you kind of left in the dark so to speak well what they have to do is they have to do it manually so the air traffic controllers will have to tell the pilots.

Verbally what the situation is at their destination so for instance if they need to divert uh so they’re flying say they’re flying from New York to Los Angeles and they have to divert to Denver then what will happen is that the air traffic controllers will actually tell them exactly if there are any issues at that destination.

And Phil so how serious is this how significant is this that this is out because it sounds to me like like it can be done the other way kind of like it sounds more like an old school way but I mean how significant is it that this system this notification system is effectively down well it is really significant because.

The thing is is that the FAA is airing on the side of caution and the thing is is that the safety of the passengers and the flight crews are the utmost importance right so you don’t want to put a pilot into a situation where he’s not sure of the condition of a Runway or the condition of an airport where he’s arriving so we want to make sure that.

You know this automated system works so the pilots can be as informed as possible right because if you think about all those flights uh leaving out of the U.S that’s a lot of manual uh kind of dealings that have to go on automatically so Phil I’m curious to know has a system outage like this happened in recent times or in the past.

I just want to get a feel of of how common something like this is it’s not very common at all the system the computer systems or the FAA that got backups so there must have been a significant glitch in the system that affected it so Phil what are the kind of Ripple effects then for passengers flying out of Canada but perhaps of.

Course South of the Border as so many Canadians do on a daily basis the faa’s grounded flights until at least nine o’clock we understand here what could that mean on this side of the Border well it just means flight delays the pilot the pilot Canadian Pilots will not be leaving the ground if they’re not sure of the conditions where they’re.

They’re at their destination so it’ll just cause a delay and then things will slowly back up again but it should be up and running by nine o’clock they say well let’s cross our fingers and hope that that’s all it is this morning that is ctv’s Aviation specialist Phil dirty joining us on breakfast Hill thanks for the time appreciate this.

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