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FAA lifts ground stop on flights following computer outage

All right welcome back Scott Withers is still following this morning’s big story The grounding of all USC planes uh some planes are back in the air but Travelers are now trying to rebook flights or get their money back from the stream of cancellations and delays that are starting to roll in Scotty what do you see and you’re at the uh busiest airport.

In the world in Atlanta yeah this is the busiest airport and good news everything here is running really smoothly you can see not even lines to check-in bags that’s because the airport and the airlines all decided early on when this started happening they were going to keep the operations processes continuing so they kept.

Checking people and they kept taking bags they kept putting through people through security they had people on those airplanes so as soon as it lifted they could take off and that’s what they did and here’s a good regulation of what’s happened across the country leaving from here not very many delays in the Delta side we got a total of.

Maybe five canceled flights here for the busiest airport that’s pretty good smaller airplanes here at this airport are not in such great shape more delays and more cancellations because a lot of their planes were in the wrong areas Delta has more uh more flights so they can move things around and get things back up and running pretty quickly good.

News here for a lot of people talking to them no one’s really seeing a huge cancellation so they’re able to get on other flights pretty quickly and still get out most people need to realize though that there are going to be delays throughout the day the airlines are saying hey before before you go come to any airport in the country check make.

Sure get on our app see if your flight has been delayed or canceled and then talk to our reservation people get you back on board so good news Alex the airlines doing everything they can to get past this little bump this morning for them but for the FAA much larger than a bump the president looking saying he wants to know what happened and so.

Are the uh all the legislators up on Capitol Hill Alex yeah a lot of questions that I still need some answers Scotty thank you

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