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FAA glitch causes massive delays for air travelers

Computer outage at the FAA brought flights to a standstill all across the country this morning just before 8 o’clock this morning the FAA lifted a nationwide ground stop but even though the outage is fixed there are still major disruptions to air travel Kennedy walkers at Dallas Love Field with the latest hi Kennedy.

Hey Karen good morning yeah this outage has caused the significant damage here at Love Field Airport there’s been more than 200 delays and 37 cancellations if you look behind me on the board you see that it is filled with yellow that yellow representing the new times for those new flights in the red it is representing those canceled flights and.

This is what many people across the country are dealing with we were supposed to have a nine o’clock flight and it got delayed we came anyway we figured we’d sit in a coat in a restaurant have a few drinks while we’re waiting but then totally canceled the major FAA computer outage caused problems in grounded flights across the.

Country according to FlightAware more than 4 900 flights were delayed around 8 this morning the FAA released a statement saying the ground stop has been lifted the system alerts flights Personnel about hazards or any changes to airport facility services or relevant procedures so flights at many airports were not leaving out out of an abundance.

Of caution this morning I spoke with some frustrated Travelers whose flights were delayed anytime you travel there can be big problems but this one sounds like a big one we got text messages saying that we’re delayed an hour and I was like okay and then as as we as we are here and by the time we checked in it was then three hours.

Now there’s still no word on what caused this to happen the agency says that they are investigating and Karen traveler say that they feel like they just cannot catch a break with dealing with this today and as we know during the holidays the Southwest dealing with their meltdown with tens of thousands of flights getting canceled and delayed so.

Again Travelers saying that they are hoping that they get to their destination safely of course but again just dealing with this has been extremely frustrating reporting live in Dallas Kennedy Walker CBS 11 news I’m sure to say the least Kennedy thank you so much

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