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FAA computer outage leads to flight delays throughout U.S.

FAA computer outage leads to flight delays throughout U.S.

And we’re going to begin with live shots and breaking news out of the United States this morning this is Reagan International in Arlington Virginia just across from Washington of course all domestic flights all domestic departures grounded at U.S airports for at least the next 90 minutes until 9 30 a.m Eastern at least because of a major.

Computer outage at the FAA the Federal Aviation Administration as we look at a series of airports for you let’s bring in Mac to Gabriel Solace she’s in Washington with the details we have so far what’s going on here what’s causing the problem and what is the impact of it this morning macta well the FAA has been working to fix this system failure it.

Actually involves the notice to air missions system and this is something that gives Pilots the heads up on what they need to know before taking off so any notices on flight hazards what’s happening on the ground if there’s a Runway that’s closed they are going to learn this through this system and earlier this morning the FAA did say.

That technicians were working on it that they were doing final validation checks and reloading the system and that some of those functions were actually starting to come back online but it was still a work in progress so with this latest information we know the agency says it’s still working to fully restore the system and it has as you said.

Ordered Airlines to pause all domestic departures until at least 9 A.M this morning and this is so that they can validate the Integrity of flight and safety information which makes you think that they they have possibly solved the problem and they may need to do a few tests there as for what caused all of this we don’t know just yet but we do.

Know that President Joe Biden is being kept informed he’s being briefed on what’s happened the White House Press Secretary put out a tweet addressing any potential concerns and and she said there is no evidence of a Cyber attack at this point but the president directed dot to conduct a full investigation into the causes one thing we’re also watching.

Is to see how this is going to affect any connecting flights outside the U.S we do know in Toronto the greater Toronto Airport’s Authority says that some U.S bound flights are affected this morning but not all so if you are heading out heading to the U.S check your flight information check for any updates before doing that Heather macto.

Thank you very much you’ll be back with updates for us I know through the morning let’s just come back to that statement from the GTAA again looking there this is Reagan International one of the airports affected as Mac is saying for the next 90 minutes those U.S departures are on pause and the statement in terms of Canadian impact at.

Canada’s busiest airport we reached out to the greater Toronto Airport Authority issuing that statement to us that there are some delays with trans-border flights from selected carriers but others are unaffected at this time so the advice from The Authority is to any U.S bound passengers this morning check the status of your flights before.

Heading to the airport and that would certainly apply not just in the Toronto area but across the country if you’re watching this morning and heading out on a U.S flight this is the live shot of the U.S the most busy airport in the United States we look briefly there at the airport in Atlanta this is the board in O’Hare another of the busy busy hubs.

In the United States at Chicago and you can see what’s on the board there lots of affected flights all departing domestic flights on pause in the U.S for the next 90 minutes

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