Explosion damages key bridge between Russia and Crimea

Explosion damages key bridge between Russia and Crimea

Thank you a powerful explosion on a section of a bridge linking Crimea with Russia Russian authorities say a truck bomb caused several Railway cars to catch fire causing part of the span to collapse the bridge a Lifeline between the two areas engulfed in flames it’s the main Supply route for the almost two.

And a half million people that live in Crimea but more than that this was Putin’s baby this was the way to solidify the Russian Central territory with the Crimea that he took in 2014. so this is a stunning victory for the ukrainians on the battlefield but it’s also a stunning blow to Putin and and to the Russian people the bombing just one.

Day after Russian President Vladimir Putin turned 70. Ukraine not claiming direct responsibility for the attack but an advisor to president zielinski calling it a beginning saying everything illegal must be destroyed overnight in kharkiv Russian missile strikes sending plumes of smoke into the air Rescuers frantically searching for.

Survivors the attacks as Ukraine continues to break through Russian lines in the South and Eastern parts of the country pollution president zolenski claiming the Ukrainian military has retaken 300 square miles of russian-occupied territory this week alone and as fears of a nuclear attack escalate President.

Biden warning of a risk of nuclear war at a New York City fundraiser saying we have not faced the prospect of Armageddon since Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis the White House walking back his remarks saying there’s no evidence Russian President Vladimir Putin is planning to use nuclear weapons imminently Brit clanet ABC News Kiev.

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