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Ex-Cyclone Hale hammers New Zealand’s East Coast |

Ex-Cyclone Hale hammers New Zealand’s East Coast |

The north Island’s East Coast is being hammered by wild weather as Cyclone hail moves in a severe weather warning’s been issued here in Auckland where torrential rain and gale force winds are expected to pick up overnight rain warnings have also been issued for Northland where 90 to 120 millimeters of rain is predicted meanwhile many roads.

In the coromandel are already flooding and slips have made driving tricky in some areas it comes after holiday makers fled the hot spot in droves yesterday and for the younger hundreds of homes are without power while Lawns and reserves close to the Sea are flooding severe weather warnings have also been put in place for Gisborne where the.

District council’s urging Extreme Caution on the Region’s roads after several people were rescued when their vehicle became stuck in a flooded stream yesterday civil defense a warning the weather is set to intensify into tomorrow and are urging people affected to stay up to date with the latest and to stay alert.

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