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EVENING 5: Mindef satisfied with LCS progress

EVENING 5: Mindef satisfied with LCS progress

the ministry of defense is satisfied with the latest status of the littoral combat ship project with one of the six ships expected to be ready next year said defense minister dato SRI Muhammad Hassan he said his visit to the Royal Malaysian Navy Base today found that overall the construction of the ships.

Which would be implemented in stages according to suitability was on schedule according to the minister the first ship is currently 70 complete and that only the electrical equipment and weapons have yet to be installed Muhammad added that he was confident that the first ship would be ready in 2024 before undertaking sea water testing and being.

Commissioned when asked about the status of the other ships Muhammad said they are currently 22 to 48 complete in terms of the installation of electrical and electronic equipment weaponry and some other technical matters he added that in order to deal with the previous issue of middlemen negotiations are now directly with the vendors Muhammad also answered.

Criticism about the LCS project continuing saying that matters pertain to National sovereignty and defense could not be compromised China’s chemicals group has Inked a heads of agreement to divest its 25 stake in Petronas chemicals fertilize the sabbah to smj a wholly owned Sabah.

State government company that investment is part of the group strategic efforts to position itself as a preferred partner in shaping and implementing efforts by petcam and smj to sustain and grow the petrochemicals business in Sabah it said in a stock exchange release pcfs a wholly owned unit of petcam is located in sibitang Sabah and.

Has a production capacity of 1.9 million metric tons per annum of Ammonia and urea it is the largest single train Ammonia and urea plant in Southeast Asia pet camp said that the completion of the divestment is expected to be in 2023 subject to conditions precedent in the agreement being met pet camp MD and CEO Mohammed yusri Muhammad Yusuf said that.

The group values the opportunity to further contribute to the development of Sabah and welcomes smj as its strategic partner smj CEO Dr dionosia Aloysius kibat said the stake acquisition will give Sabah greater Revenue sharing in the oil and gas industry in the state she said that this is in addition to the recent acquisition of selected.

Downstream gas pipeline assets and supply of natural gas contracts by Sabah energy Corp which makes it the largest domestic supplier and transporter of natural gas in the state GDP Holdings the main contractor of the economics development will now resume work on a part of the project as it has.

Received partial payment from the project owner damai City a unit of ksk Lan the project was previously delayed as GDB suspended work due to payment issues in a statement GDB said it would resume facade work on Tower a and that full work on the project will resume in early April 2023 provided that my city meets the agreed terms and settles the.

Outstanding amounts as scheduled GDB managing director tier hamtia says that the group aims to reinforce his track record for premium high-rise buildings while at the same time creating substantial value for its shareholders in August 2022 GDB via its unit served a suspension notice to down my city and halted all works on the project which.

Boasted an estimated gdv of 5.4 billion amid speculations that it had not been paid meanwhile kskey lion refuted claims that the group was having Financial issues until the edge in July 2022 that it remain and financially strong with sufficient resources to ensure the completion of the eight Conley project in October 2022 gdp’s unit sued ksk Lan.

To recover 120.69 million that the construction firm claimed was the sum owed by damai City GDB here its units secured the 1.25 billion Ringgit contract in 2020 from damai City to complete the 8 Colony project pericop has finally appointed a new CEO nearly four months after designal iskanda Ismail resigned from the dead.

Reading company the new CEO rosmin Mohammed was previously employed by the group’s substantial shareholders signed W property said Pera Corp in a boss filing pericop is 52.27 owned by the para State Development Corporation and 61.3 percent by simdabi property Rossman has over 30 years of experience in project development and management.

Regional development marketing and sales operations optimization and customer satisfaction Improvement he joined samw property Malaysia in June 2018 as the senior vice president for the Malaysia Vision Valley Project in November 2020 he was given a new job and responsibility to lead this special economic zone division in simdabi.

Property manage based systems plans to cooperate with Hong kong-based edit Financial Holdings to launch and Market edit financial’s internet-based Securities trading mobile application in Malaysia in a booster Malaysia filing MP said it Inked a memorandum of understanding with.

Either Financial on December 28th with the intention of formally establishing the partnership in Malaysia for edit one international version according to MP the aim of the mou is to empower eoi to digitally onboard investors using MP’s Ai and deep machine learning powered ekyc Solutions and cross-link the app to mpay’s fintech apps the collaboration.

Will also provide remittance services for clients to channel funds into or out of eoi via MP’s home remit cross-border remittance application with the mou MPA and Ed Financial will proceed with further negotiation to enter into a formal and binding agreement within 360 days from the date of the mou this development comes just four days after.

MP said that it had obtained conditional approval for it to operate as an online money lender from the government the group first ventured into the money lending business in April 2018.