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Erik ten Hag: A new striker for Manchester United ‘has to be the right one’

Erik ten Hag: A new striker for Manchester United ‘has to be the right one’

Very deep you you obviously took a took over a team that was very low on confidence back in May there’s been a lot of progress since then do you think fans can expect to see a lot more progress over the second half of the season and an even better more exciting team I tried to express this already in one.

Of the courses before but yeah that is what we aim for how we there are many elements in football what we have to do better and to perform better as a team and to get better results in and so getting more control in the game getting more dominant in dominance in the game and that is uh and then get to a higher.

Level so in general to get better results and clear Jeremy so hi um you’ve only scored 20 goals um in the Premier League you’ll know all this so is it a good sign that actually despite this lack of goals you still fit or is it something that you know if you don’t.

Solve good kill your hopes of yeah who’s your top four winning a trophy yeah I see that in in this way yeah it’s a good sign and that we are still Fifth and we are aware we have to score more goals that’s what I just tried to to express is and we have to improve on many more other elements uh in football and as you say see today I think we.

Created so many opportunities no really big 100 tenses and we have to be more decisive there so but yeah you are worried when you don’t create chances and so I’m really happy with the performance the attacking performance today that we create maybe seven eight hundred percent chances and.

Yeah but clear we have to score more when you look at the squad you look here and think yeah we miss a lethal goal scorer why not no no no no no because when you when I analyzed the first 14 games or also with the Europe so there are more caves 14 so 20 games with a lot of problems in the front line.

And often I had only I had nothing to choose or a place where not 100 fit and we had to play them and so that was a problem during the first 20 games in this season so I think already when we get players better available better fit available and Frontline and then already we will score more goals Samuel.

Let me see Lyle swear couldn’t dab it on a new contract no I wouldn’t uh give that decision already now I think he’s on the loan for for one season and so during that season when the season is coming to an end we will take a decision and and that depends from a lot of factors.

I think he is playing really well nothing at Falls yeah David um but do you feel that you need to bring in a striker or a goal scorer in January to give yourself the best possible chance of achieving all your objectives so two things first it.

That so impulse can also come out of our own club see kanacho who makes a good impression on the World Cup and also last week in the game against Everton and on the training so that can be that is first and yes I hope we are aware we lose a striker so I think yeah.

We have to get a strike in but it has to be the right one and the right one is the one he needs to bring the quality in the team and not just earn an ad to the squad because that gives you only problems and you know the criteria is high here in Man United last two Phil and Rob uh Eric you saw the Mr chairman here when the kids get.

Their report from school what grade would you give yourself for your first few months at United and what comments would you make them how you’ve done so far I I I I’m happy I don’t have to do that hey that is I I lived I leave that to others hey so what grade would you give yourself so far no I I don’t give myself a grade hey um I.

Give the best every day and the best I have I want to see every day a better version for myself and so that is what I can promise to everyone here in so internal United and also to defense and so that and I’m confident that we will get it in the right process and the.

Progress will come and yeah that is the outstatement and the answer you have to do better it can yes no uh sure there’s also Conflict for me you can always do better and then I’ve already said before when you are satisfied hey it brings you to laziness so I don’t want that and for me it’s good it’s not good enough and we.

Have to do better and that also counts also for the manager last question but Marcus has gone through the World Cup he’s gone again tonight you seems the type of player that can fill in that devoid of goals that maybe could reach sort of 20 in the second half of the season I I don’t want to pin myself on a.

Number but I said from the start I set it on one of the first days against resi and that I think he’s capable to score 20 goals in the Premier League only so I’m convinced about that but uh yeah you know as fit for a bit to score many other goals he scored three goals at the World Cup so then you have the potential also to score those numbers of goals in.

The Premier League thank you very much you’re welcome

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