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Dr. Deena Hinshaw received $230,000 bonus when other health care workers took pay cuts

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Dr. Deena Hinshaw received $230,000 bonus when other health care workers took pay cuts” here is their detail.

It's a tragedy is what it truly is and it's a slap in the face to every person working on the front lines of health care alberta's top doctor was given 60 of her salary as a bonus at the same time nurses and other health care workers were told to take a salary cut to be more in line with other provinces the sunshine list shows chief medical.

Officer of health dena henshaw getting a bonus of around 230 thousand dollars last year that's on top of her normal 360 thousand dollar salary the government says it's because she worked extra hours throughout that year uh the government minister taves in particular was frequently uh going public saying yes we respect the.

Work that nurses do but they have to take a pay cut uh their salary has to be uh in line with the rest of the provinces and then we find out that at the same time he was doing that they gave the chief medical officer a health an increase of 60 percent two ucp leadership candidates already calling hinshaw out over her bonuses brian gene.

Pointing out just hinshaw's bonuses alone were making her an extra 19 000 a month city news asked government why hinshaw was given that large bonus we received a lengthy statement explaining 107 government of alberta employees across many fields received a total of 2.4 million dollars special compensation in 2021 for extra work in the pandemic.

Response it sends another message that this government does not care about front line i got a call this morning from a member on the front lines has served 35 years to protect albertans his bonus is a 25 pen for all of that time served protecting.

Albertans so you think he wants to stick around any longer harrigan says there are service reductions in hospitals across the province and over 50 percent of hospitals are using travel nurses rather than normal employees well parker says seeing some health care workers only get a one percent wage increase last year.

While hinshaw gets a 63 bonus shows you just where the government's priorities are and he calls them messed up in edmonton safe kaiser city news

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