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Downfall of the man who ‘laid down his life’ for Anwar, Reformasi

Downfall of the man who ‘laid down his life’ for Anwar, Reformasi

foreign ER PKR vice president tianchua from the party was seen as a matter of course it was a sad day for the reformacy icon who had laid down his life and been in and out of lock-ups in his fight for justice after Anwar Ibrahim was sacked as Deputy.

Prime Minister in 1998. among the most memorable moments was when tianchua sat on the road in front of a police water cannon truck trying to break up a demonstration at tataran mardeka however another Act of defiance against party orders led to tianchua’s downfall when he chose to run against P.

Prabhakaran pkr’s choice for the Batu seat which he had won in 2008 and 2013 before being disqualified in 2018. a close friend pasir gudan MP Hassan Karim said although tianchua’s Devotion to PKR could be seen by the fact that he had been its vice president since its Inception in 1999 up to the day he lost in the party elections last year the.

Writing was on the wall when he decided to stand as an independent another party member who requested anonymity felt that tianchua’s perceived close association with pkr’s former deputy president asmin Ali could have been among the reasons for him being voted out as Batu division chief.