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Doug McCallum refuses to concede Surrey election

Doug McCallum refuses to concede Surrey election

From an election night victory in a tight race Suri mayor-elect Brenda Locke is pushing ahead with her promise of stopping the transition to a city police force and doing interview after interview I’ve met with the the um the RCMP as well as City staff so we absolutely know that we can move this forward Surrey mayor-elect Brenda Locke.

Says her mandate is clear this is not a reversal the place of jurisdiction in the prep in the city of Surrey is the RCMP they will remain that not reversing anything we’re carrying on people have been waiting to hear from Public Safety Minister Mike farnworth on the future of the Surrey police and what happens next right now there’s a lot of.

Rumor and a lot of speculation and that’s what that is the province would ultimately have to give its approval to stop the police transition and reverse course to the RCMP farnworth says it’s not like flicking a switch in order for transition to take place whether going forward or whether going backward there needs to be a proper plan put together.

That addresses the issues around adequate and effective policing says Surrey will need to come up with a detailed plan on how it will deal with human resources and finance issues if it plans to untransition she hasn’t met with Surrey police McDonald questions what will happen to 350 staff including 150 police officers now on a whim.

Without a plan they’re being told that this is all going to be stood down so far he says the city has spent 100 million dollars on the transition the head of the Surrey RCMP says it looks forward to working with the new mayor and Council and says its focus is on Public Safety however others are digging in for a fight the Grassroots group wake.

Up Surrey advocated for a city police force and organized a show of support and public anger before McCallum was elected so if the SPs goes back and there’s already shortage of our CMP offices all over Canada so what would happen to the the fight we are fighting against gang violence and drugs not only does series May air want to meet with.

Public Safety Minister Mike farnworth so does wake up Surrey the group also plans on meeting with Community leaders Mira Baines CBC News Victoria

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