Donegal petrol station blast blamed on ‘freak accident’

Donegal petrol station blast blamed on ‘freak accident’

From search and rescue to search and Recovery Crews scanned The Fragile scene from above before carefully removing debris local people had made the first frantic effort to find survivors the area was covered in Ash and a pop of smoke whatever so basically from that we kind.

Of run out to see what had happened and just within seconds people from the community had just come running up the roads Cara stopped people get load of cars roll on towards the building to see who could help the explosion ripped through the petrol station bringing two floors of apartments above down onto the busy shop.

Below First Responders arrived to a scene of water Devastation increase lock it was a very very traumatic scene that people came across it was a very very confused scene as you can imagine and there was a lot of debris there was a lot of um very very you know traumatized people you’re already at the scene two teenagers a boy and a girl and another.

Girl of primary school age were among the Dead one man who went to help knew all the victims how has this impacted this Village how has it impacted you terrible to be honest okay because these people were your friends and your neighbors oh yeah yeah I would know if I didn’t know that when.

He was a father or you know you know somebody like just shocking the Emergency Services worked through the night in the hope of a miracle ambulance and fire Crews from Northern Ireland crossed the border to support their colleagues in the Republic A desperate Race Against Time has turned.

To disbelief this small village unable to comprehend the scale of This Disaster how do you deal with the tragedy of this enormity uh family members just gone in to a shop and suddenly this terrible event takes place this terrible accident and it’s just like a tsunami of grief that has hit us all and had this community there’s an eerie silence here.

People are numb and heartbroken that something so awful could have happened in this picturesque Place Ireland’s Head of State president Higgins said every loss and injury would be felt by every member of this close-knit community and Far Beyond they’re still investigating the cause but police say all information points.

Towards a tragic accident people having gone to work are just gone shopping never to come home again

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