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Documents with classified markings found at Penn Biden Center, DOJ to review

This morning ABC News has learned the justice department has launched a preliminary investigation into classified records from President Biden’s time as Vice President Biden now in Mexico for talks with the leaders of Canada and Mexico not answering questions about the matter the White House telling ABC News is cooperating.

With the National Archives and the justice department confirming a small number of documents with classified markings were discovered when President Biden’s personal attorneys were packing files housed in The Loft closet at the Penn Biden Center where Biden kept an office before his 2020 election campaign the White House adding the items were.

Handed over to the National Archives the following morning there’s no indication yet that there’s any kind of criminal investigation that’s been lost as a result of this finding former president Trump was quick to respond asking when is the FBI going to raise the many homes of Joe Biden perhaps even the White House the White House underscoring the.

Documents were not the subject of a national archives request drawing a hard line between this investigation and the Justice Department’s criminal probe into the Trove of fbic’s classified records from Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate this appears to be a wildly different at least at this stage situation than what former president Donald Trump is facing.

With the criminal investigation into his alleged mishandling of classified documents after leaving the presidency sources tell ABC attorney general Merrick Garland is assigning U.S attorney John losch to head this review the Trump appointee will investigate the chain of possession of those classified documents Justin Finch ABC News.


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