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Documents with classified markings found at Penn Biden Center, DOJ to review | Top 10

Now to your top 10 headlines in just two minutes the New York Times reports that President Biden’s lawyers found a small amount of classified documents in his former office at a Washington Think Tank the time says they were found in November and immediately turned over the documents dated to Biden’s time as vice president police in Brazil once again.

Have control of the country’s presidential Palace Congress and Supreme Court after thousands of supporters of the former president invaded the building Sunday the Riders left a trail of Destruction bolsonaro condemned the violence in a tweet but has claimed his election loss was fraudulent new drone video out of Ukraine’s car key region it.

Shows the damage at a market targeted by Russian missiles two women were killed four others were hurt including a ten-year-old girl the man charged in connection to his wife’s disappearance faced a judge for the first time today Brian Walsh is accused of misleading the investigation into what happened to his wife Anna prosecutors say his accounts.

Of his whereabouts on the day she disappeared contradict the facts and blood and a knife were found in the basement of their home a Virginia police chief says a six-year-old student shot first grade teacher Abby zverner while she was teaching class police have said it was not accidental she is listed as stable at the hospital seven days after.

His collapse on the field during Monday Night Football Buffalo Bills safety Demar Hamlin is back in Buffalo to continue his recovery Hamlin survived Cardiac Arrest following a tackle Medics treated him less than one minute after his heart stopped likely saving his life Health officials in South Carolina now urged people to return to masking with.

Every county in the state in high or medium transmission meanwhile the Massachusetts school district is once again mandating masks officials in Chelsea reinstated the Mandate today last week’s Sac City Unified officials decided against reinstating a mass mandate local businesses in Minneapolis can now apply for business grants.

Provided by the family of George Floyd the family won a 27 million dollar settlement from the city in March 2021 over his death the hands of officers and set aside five hundred thousand dollars for Grants to businesses in the neighborhood where Floyd died Southwest Airlines is making a number of executive promotions but nobody is getting fired.

After thousands of flights were canceled in late December the airline says it will improve scheduling and execution and those are your top 10 headlines in just two minutes

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