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Documents marked classified from Biden’s vice-presidential office discovered at Penn Biden Center

Foreign and some breaking news CBS News has learned that classified documents belonging to President Biden from his time as vice president were discovered at the Penn Biden Center a policy Research Center here in Washington DC this of course follows the Fallout over former president Trump’s possession of.

Classified documents at Mar-A-Lago which the FBI seized this summer so for more on this we have CBS News correspondent Adriana Diaz joining me now Adriana what a story tell us more Caitlin this is exclusive CBS news reporting we have learned three sources have confirmed to us that classified documents were located at the Biden center now this is.

A think tank it is a foreign policy Research Institute here in Washington and what we have learned we’ve asked the White House repeatedly for comment on this we have learned late today from the White House that this was on November 2nd this was lawyers for President Biden were at the Biden Center clearing out office space because the president had.

Some office space here in this building after his time as vice president so they were clearing out office space and inside a locked closet they located classified material they recognized the classified markings as soon as they did they said that they stopped their work and they contacted the White House council’s office we are told it is a.

Small number of documents roughly 10 and at this point we aren’t sure we haven’t been given information on the nature of the documents how severe or sensitive they are but even one document extremely sensitive could be problematic of course so then what happened from there this information went through a chain the lawyers contacted the White House.

Council’s Office the White House counsel’s Office in turn contact the National Archive where the documents should have been located that’s normal protocol National Archive contacted the Department of Justice we have learned that the Attorney General himself has tapped the U.S attorney in Chicago John John lausch to take a look at this.

Situation to review the documents he came here to DC to do so and to also determine other factors how they ended up at this location he will then present his fightings findings to the attorney general we know that he’s already updated the Attorney General recently but this review is close to its conclusion once it does conclude once.

He’s presented what he knows to the attorney general the Attorney General will then decide if further investigation is warranted be that an FBI investigation or possibly appointing a special counsel that would be huge and this of course as we note comes on the heels of the the documents found at Mar-A-Lago is the White House responding.

Yet or are they deferring to their attorneys the White House has spoken to us we had multiple requests for comment from the White House and we did receive a statement that just came in from the White House where they explain how this all happened and they basically give us the timeline The Tick Tock of where these documents were found what happened.

From there which I just walked you through and they also told us that the National Archives retrieved the documents the day after they were found so this went quickly and note that this happened on November 2nd that’s before the midterm elections the other important distinction we’ve been talking to former Federal prosecutors is that.

When you look at this situation and that of Mar-A-Lago there’s a difference in both scope and scale in terms of the scale Mar-A-Lago is where there were more than 300 documents that were classified were recovered in terms of this case we’re looking at roughly 10 we’re told now we don’t know what’s in the documents but.

What we do know is that in the case of Mar-A-Lago there were documents pertaining to communication between the president and Kim Jong-un the dictator of North Korea as well as information about nuclear secrets of foreign countries we don’t know what is in the documents that were found at the Biden Center that belonged to President Biden.

During his time as vice president so that is the key question here that all of this hangs on absolutely and how they got there as part of that timeline Adriana Diaz I know that you have been breaking this news exclusively on CBS thank you for doing it here and we will continue your reporting tonight on the CBS Evening News stay with us you have.

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