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‘Do You Have No Shame?’: Santos Questioned On Record In Fox News Interview

He appeared on Fox news last night listen to this Exchange do you have no shame do you have no shame in the people who are now you’re asking to trust you to go and be their voice for them their families and their kids in Washington Tulsi I can say the same thing about the Democrats and and the party look at Joe.

Biden Joe Biden’s been lying to the American people for 40 years he’s the president of the United States Democrats resoundly support him do they have no shame for more let’s bring in NBC’s Ryan Nobles on Capitol Hill Ryan welcome so how long can Republican leadership remain silent about this new GOP.

Congressman elect and do you think we can expect to see ethics investigations well to answer your first question Alex it’s likely they will remain quiet right up until they come back and start the next Congress on January 3rd that’s when they’ll be in a position where they’re forced to answer questions from people like me in the halls of Congress we’re.

Going to press them about what they plan to do about George Santos and it also coincides with Kevin McCarthy’s bid to become the next speaker that vote taking place on January 3rd he already knows that he has George Santos’s vote the margins are very tight in that regard they’re tight not just only between Republicans and Democrats but there’s.

Also a faction of Republicans who have vowed not to vote for Kevin McCarthy as speaker so he needs every vote he can possibly get now in terms of an Ethics investigation that’s also a pretty likely at this point it doesn’t take much to ask the Ethics Committee to begin a probe into a sitting member of Congress and the Ethics Committee of.

Course is completely bipartisan an equal number of Republicans and Democrats serve on that panel so it is likely that someone will ask the ethics committee to look into this and they will begin an investigation but once that happens Alex it almost becomes a black hole the Ethics Committee does not publicly talk about their investigations until they.

Are concluded and oftentimes these these ethics investigations amount to a slap on the wrist Accenture or even something less than that so it is very likely that George Santos will be a sitting member of Congress and unless there is some sort of prosecutorial investigation into for particularly his finances by either the New York attorney general’s office.

Or the U.S attorney in that part of New York it’s unlikely that he’s going to see any real repercussions for basically lying about just about every aspect of his biography foreign

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