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Demonstrators gather where Iran expected to execute 2 prisoners

Demonstrators gather where Iran expected to execute 2 prisoners

There are more demonstrations in Iran today this time outside of prison where authorities will reportedly execute two anti-government protesters two demonstrators were also hanged this past Saturday let’s bring in reporter Rebecca Collard who’s tracking all these developments for us in Berlin so Rebecca tell us about these latest protests.

Yes oh Hannah overnight pictures and and video began to emerge of um what what appears to be a protest outside of this prison in karach and the protesters there believe that there are these two men inside the prison who they believe are an imminent risk of being executed uh one of the videos even shows uh with fully to be the mother of one of.

These prisoners like pleading for her son’s life pleading for clemency for her son now I will say Hannah it’s very difficult for us to confirm these images that are posted on social media but what I can say is um since the execution of these two young men over the weekend these two protesters um fears are really Rising.

For the other protesters that have already been convicted um and sentenced to death by the Iranian regime and also the thousands more that have been um convicted by uh that are the story that are in prison in Iranian State custody and are awaiting trials now um the concern by rights groups has been.

That um in many of these cases they say that uh Iranian prisoner are forced into confessions Through Torture or threats and then those confessions are used in what Amnesty International is called sham trials to convict protesters so um you know fear is really Rising for the for the thousands of protesters that are in Iranian State custody and Rebecca we.

Mentioned that two protesters were hanging this past Saturday how is the International Community reacting to those executions yeah we’ve really seen a wave of con condemnation today Hannah um the EU has just um uh summoned the Iranian Ambassador uh the UK earlier called its top uh the top Iranian Diplomat in that.

Country um here in Germany as well um uh the foreign minister saying uh she has summoned the uh Iranian Ambassador here and of course Canada this morning announcing more sanctions uh on Iranian entities and on Iranian individuals now I think the thing that is a bit scary Hannah is the fact that this is not the.

First condemnation of Iran’s uh Crackdown on protest it is not the first condemnation of executions by the International Community and those condemnations and those sanctions do not appear to be affecting the behavior of the Iranian government the repression continues uh today a semi-official news agency announced that three more.

Protesters were sentenced to death and I think because of that Hannah of course more fears are rising for the for the protesters that are um that are have already been sentenced to death for those that are in um in custody of the Iranian regime and I think the question is you know Iranian activists both inside and outside the country have been.

Calling for a stronger reaction for the from the International Community and I think it really begs the question uh what would be effective to um you know change the behavior of Iran’s uh Iran’s government in regards to these protests because it doesn’t appear that uh uh International condemnation or sanctions have had much.

Of effect at all kind of yeah okay Rebecca Collard in Berlin thank you for your reporting

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