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Death of Queen Elizabeth means it’s time to leave monarchy in the past: Bloc Quebecois

Death of Queen Elizabeth means it’s time to leave monarchy in the past: Bloc Quebecois

Michael Couture senior political correspondent for CDV news is joining us now from Ottawa Mike many would have thought that on a day as such as today politics would have been kept aside in the House of Commons but that really wasn’t the case today yeah it was for the most part but if Francois Blanche the leader of the block.

Quebec well while saying that yes she did admire her dedication to public service and that that needs to be recognized on a day like today he said at a certain point we need to have this conversation about the monarchy and whether or not it contributes to this country and to Quebec frankly and he noted the difficult history that Quebec.

Has had with the monarchy in the past and says that we need to reflect on that in the days after we are reflecting on the life of Queen Elizabeth II to that end he was asked exactly after he came out because keep in mind after all of the speeches were done there was a moment of silence in the House of Commons but Blanchette had said that.

After that moment of silence all of his MPS From the Block quebecua would leave the House of Commons they would not stick around for those tributes and so when he did finally come out a number of journalists had asked him specifically why did he raise it on a day like today have a listen to what he said let’s arrive in the 21st century and see.

That any power which is supposedly based on Divine Right which has so much influence and is so terribly expensive might be considered as something of the past I was absolutely respectful of the person the institution and the persons who loved the queen that been in the coming.

Weeks and months it’s about time we’d start thinking about this thing of the past so actually potentially difficult to have that conversation and to bring it up on a day like today but at the same time when you consider the fact that members of parliament are elected by people and are here to serve people in.

Their views you would have to think that members of the block quebecois have to stick to their values in that way and if they felt it was better to leave the House of Commons rather than sit through the tributes then that is the point that they wanted to make and that was the values that they want to continue to follow okay I want to talk about another.

Leader speech as well Mike and deep leader jugmeet Singh also gave tribute to the queen but in that tribute he also spoke about the expectations really that he has from King Charles III yeah and making sure that King Charles III does continue to do the work and continue on the path of reconciliation something that the NDP has certainly.

Been pushing for and certainly something that we had seen when then Prince Charles was here back in May meeting with a number of indigenous groups and having those conversations about it and certainly jugmeat saying in his tribute to Queen Elizabeth II talking about her contributions to it but also as you mentioned the expectations that he has.

Going forward for the new monarch and to that end yesterday in the conversation that I had with Mary Simon Her Excellency the governor general asking her specifically because there have been a number of different indigenous communities and Community leaders who are asking for uh Prince King Charles III to rescind the doctrine of Discovery.

As a way to continue to walk on the path to reconciliation and she said well she has not spoken to him specifically about that the last time that he won was here this year she said that he was very much open to and very keen to continue that work on repairing the relations between the crown and Indigenous peoples and she hopes that that will continue in the.

Years to come and lastly Mike about the plan ahead we know that the Prime Minister along with some other dignitaries from Canadian politics are expected to be a part of a contingent uh going to pay their respects with the queen in the UK what do we know about that plan Mike yeah we do know that the governor.

General will be with the prime minister at the funeral as part of that official delegation also the Prime Minister has extended the invitation on his plane to go over to London to past prime ministers this is a tradition that we’ve seen in the past certainly back in December of 2013 at the Nelson Mandela funeral in South Africa you had a number.

Of former prime ministers on that plane as well so prime minister Trudeau has extended that invitation there are still six Prime Ministers who are alive at this time you have Prime Minister Stephen Harper the last conservative prime minister then the two previous liberal ones Paul Martin and jean-classe Brian mulrooney of course still alive.

And has shared a number of stories about Queen Elizabeth she he as well has been invited Kim Campbell former prime minister and then back to Joe Clark at this point we are not hearing just yet who has accepted the invitation and who may be going but we hope to have more on that in the hours early days to come okay senior political correspondent for.

CDV News Channel Michael Couture Mike thank you for all these updates appreciate it

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