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Death of George Pell prompts sorrow from supporters and condemnation from abuse survivors | ABC News

Death of George Pell prompts sorrow from supporters and condemnation from abuse survivors | ABC News

Foreign Bells peeled out across Melbourne and Sydney on what is a day for some of mourning for some of deep pain a lot of survivors of child sexual abuse have post-traumatic stress disorder and so this kind of unexpected news or seeing things you know in the media can be very triggering services in both cities.

Remembered their former Archbishop who ascended to the most senior ranks of the church one of the significant things that George Powell did was to place Australia on the map of the Catholic church and inside the Vatican I feel pretty devastated to be honest he was a really good man I remember him with great affection as a great man and.

Spiritual leader of the church but as in life in death George Pell divides opinion the disappointment is that the institution of the church as reflected through the senior archbishops Cardinal Pell included was a church that increasingly was out of touch on the world stage Vatican watches say.

Pell’s campaign to overhaul the Holy See treasury will endure the pleas which he called are still sort of being unfolding on the field and so he was extremely influential in the Pope’s agenda of financial reform yeah but back home it’s his track record on dealing with clerical abuse that’s in.

The spotlight especially among survivors he could have done some good and tried to right some wrongs but instead he just defended the brand some defend Pell’s efforts in the 90s to address child sexual abuse claims certainly he was the first church leader in Australia to actually do something positive and concrete at the moment response should.

Be remembered as a disaster it was I mean that was a way of Trying to minimize compensation payments and Pell’s reputation was hit by the damning Royal commission finding that he not only knew by the early 70s of clerical abuse but considered ways to avoid gossip about it I wish he’d stayed alive for another 10 years so he could have.

Suffered public a program even after his criminal conviction was overturned Pell was still facing a civil claim from the father of one of the former choir boys he’d been accused of abusing the claim will continue against the church and against any estate that George Powell may have left behind the best that survivors can hope for now is that his.

Passing opens the path perhaps for the church to take a more modern approach as congregations and the community absorb Pell’s death the path ahead is Rocky for those still dog by the shadows in the church’s history