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Davina McCall Talks Honestly About The Menopause & Her New Book | Lorraine

Davina McCall joins Lorraine to talk all about her new book, The Masked Dancer and The Masked Singer. Subscribe now for more! Broadcast on 13/10/22 Like, follow and subscribe to Lorraine! Catch up on the ITV Hub: Website: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Lorraine brings you up-to-date topical stories, the biggest

Davina McCall Talks Honestly About The Menopause & Her New Book | Lorraine

Is a real Trailblazer when it comes to Shania Spotlight on the menopause after fronting up one but two excellent documentaries on it and now Davina McCall has released her new book which aims to break all that silence surrounding the topic and she joins me now and it’s so good to see you you know it’s funny because you’re saying that.

I’m a Trailblazer but you were talking about it way before me you know you lizzo Mariella you know so I’m just sort of joining it seemed group of women it’s fantastic because back then five six years ago we couldn’t really get anybody to talk about it in fact Dr Hillary ended up interviewing me about it which was you know about my experience now.

Reading this um it’s brilliant because it’s got a sense of humor yeah it’s really important we come to talking about our bits and it’s very important and and it really does make you think you know it’s it does because it’s all about experiences are in here and I think the extra special thing for me was I put a.

Shout out on my socials to ask women and men because we’ve got the experience of buck she’s a trans male who also also went through the menopause I didn’t know until I put the shout out that that even happened so I’ve learned a lot writing this book but reading those women’s stories or hearing it in the audio book it really.

Makes everybody feel like you’re not alone so I’ve had so many um women and men tell me that that was one of the things that they particularly liked about it the other people’s stories that they could relate to in some way no that’s very true because sometimes you think you’re the only one going through it and then it’s so lonely.

Isn’t it weird that people didn’t talk about it because I felt and you’re a very gregarious outgoing person right I felt so um I felt like I was disappearing yes and my world was getting smaller and smaller and I felt very lonely like I had no one to talk to which is very translation yeah I’m not that person I.

Think I felt flat that’s who I would describe it just like nothing nothing I wasn’t having fun but I’d lost Joy yes it was absolutely that a few sort of like physical symptoms but most of it was was going on in here but everybody’s different and I think sometimes it’s funny isn’t it it’s only when you come out of the gray that you think oh I.

Hadn’t belly laughed for months you know and now you you are the most giggly person I know I probably like you I know you know you’re in such a different place and I also want to give hope I think because you and I we were in a dark place yes and now we’re not and there are ways out of it and there are lots of things that you can do and it.

Can be a fantastic time in your life your freedom yeah if you look at it that way if you look at the positives rather than the negatives because we do tend to focus on all the negatives you know the symptoms that we’ve heard of but actually it’s very freeing it’s very liberating your age it does it makes life better and it’s just the next stage.

It’s the next stage exactly and I I think you know when you’re when you’ve got little kids um or you’re in a you’re in a job and you’re trying to kind of get up the ladder or whatever you turn into a very responsible person yes and when you get older and your kids are grown up you think oh I don’t have to be responsible.

Anymore and then it’s like oh naughty Lorraine and nausea Davina you’re gonna go out yes oh exciting I know and that’s when your kids go mother yeah it’s fantastic I love it I absolutely do you seem real happy you know a good phrase of your life you’re having an absolute blast the mass singer and the mass dancer how are you supposed to.

Guess the dance sir well how can you I oat is very annoying I agree she’s really annoying because she’s actually very good at guessing but I mean somebody in there um but also what you’re looking at was the costumes on dancer the costumes much tighter as you can see indeed yes so I’m basically getting texts from Otie at three o’clock.

In the morning she never sleeps that woman she sent me a text and she went is it blah blah blah that bum I think it’s blah blah blah I’m like OT it’s three o’clock in the morning I’m gonna text you you know I’ve gone for a midnight wee menopause and um and or you know three o’clock in the morning and so she she’s really good at it because.

She’s always thinking about the physicality of things and she’s danced with everyone and so many people have been on Strictly right she would recognize anybody that was a dancer on that but me I’m like me and Peter Crouch it’s like they’re blind and blind and then you’ve got Jonathan who literally has met everyone in the world indeed so.

He probably has an idea walk and they put themselves but also he’s Jonathan’s extremely good with the clues um because because he’s interviewed so many people and he does go forensic with research he’s incredibly prestigious but apart from all of that it’s very very silly which is fantastic both shows are ridiculous you know we were watching.

Seleni earlier and he and me were going oh that was so funny so ridiculous I think that this is a nod to British sort of silliness I do I agree and the mass singer is I love it it’s just so I mean the singer’s amazing because when they do open their mouth and you’re thinking is this going to be like good or I’m not so good I know and.

Then you think or eek yes it’s just great I love I like the bad ones that get better yes but look you’re going to be back yes I am we’re talking about menopausing you’re going to be back with Dr Naomi yes um so any questions you may have we’re going to get through as many as we can we’ll talk about HRT we’ll talk about all.

Sorts of things and the mass answer of course it’s on Saturday Saturday half past six and then and menopausing the new books out now we’re going to talk about that a lot more right in just a minute