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Cyclone Hale hits North Island bringing floods, slips and power cuts | Newshub

Cyclone Hale hits North Island bringing floods, slips and power cuts | Newshub

Good evening Cyclone hail has struck the coromandel with force and worse than expected while Gisborne and the East Coast could face Wells of up to six meters the storm brought a deluge and strong winds and sparked power Cuts slips and road closures and a Zang small reports flooding left one town cut off the wrath of cyclone hail.

Unleashed on the coromandel peninsula probably at this stage we’d say it’s come in a bit worse than what we were expecting and as the rain poured the flooding began that younger was cut off this morning vehicle access was blocked on State Highway 25 South of the township flooding also blocked the Pacific Coast.

Highway south of matarangi spoke were captured testing the depth and this serious slip cut off another route people who live in whitianga are used to dealing with these so they know hey we’ve got a flooding event but there was plenty to look at drenched locals gathered along the shoreline to Marvel.

At the Wild Waves still an hour from high tide here just outside whitianga and the waves are already crashing ashore it could be the start of some serious Coastal erosion there were also slips on the west coast of the coromandel on Colville Road it’s only been a week since the coromandel was pummeled with Stormy Weather forcing.

Thousands of holiday makers to flee we’re in an era of the combination of sea level rise and more extreme weather events and we’re definitely seeing the effects of that now similar scenes were recorded today in pauanui this image showing a severe flooding on waikawa Beach Road this morning by the afternoon hot water beach had also been left.

Isolated due to extensive flooding where paddocks turned to Lakes this man was trying to figure out how to join his family stuck on the other side of the water Utes over there and they’re coming back through the um through the water so hopefully when I get over this side I can follow them back we were there when.

His whanau came to the rescue we just had a call that um that our Papa was here waiting for us to come through to Hawaii so we thought we’d come and see if he was all right and see if we can get him through to the campground most people are hunkering down and sitting still hunkering down all right because I fear.

That 150 millimeters of rain is forecast to fall through to 10 P.M we’ll come back to Zayn Cyclone hail Is Now bearing down on Gisborne and the East Coast low-lying residents are being warned to expect evacuations as some River levels will exceed the records of 1988’s cyclone bowler in the next few hours but even.

Before this Cyclone made landfall the persistent Rain Led to one daring River rescue Layton hakel reports one picture of a hellish rescue a family of three trying to get home near toatoria stuck inside the spearly visible Ute on the kupurua stream on arrival you know the water was already getting up towards the uh the windows so uh they had water.

Inside the cab and the windows were up so uh yeah they were quite distressed the Digger was deemed too dangerous to help with the rescue volunteers formed a uh uh a chain from the vehicle to the opposite side of the river and uh we were able to uh uh get the child out first and then quickly.

Followed by the two adults but that was before the bulk of the weather even began today Rivers across the region are up even higher after Relentless rain for 24 hours certainly a lot of water in the in the in the catchments and we’re focused on really what’s going to be coming in this evening if it uh plays out much as the forecast has given us.

The biggest concern at this stage is the hikuwai River North of Tolga Bay so the modeling for a wife it does stick with where the projection is we’ll take it over 13 meters the river is expected to surpass levels last reached in Cyclone bowler in 1988. this does remind us of bowler um.

Uh yeah but thankfully thankfully this isn’t going to hang around uh as long but there’s still a lot of rain to fall rural areas had 100 millimeters of rain overnight and up to 200 millimeters more is expected until 4am tomorrow people are being asked to stay home stay off the roads and stay away from beaches because swells could reach six meters I.

Think we’re still going to get worse before it gets better because the brunt of cyclone hail is still to come so Leighton how are authorities and Gisborne preparing for a night of more rain well right up the coast they’re shutting off State Highway 35 from 7 p.m tonight essentially cutting off the small.

Communities right the way up the coast but they are doing that for safety reasons they do not want to make any more rescues tonight they don’t want people on the roads and that is because the worst of it is still to come and is supposed to get a lot more intense and in the last half hour here in Gisborne it certainly has got a lot more intense.

It’s windier and heavier rain now civil defense are saying they will be monitoring the situation because high tide is not until about 9 p.m tonight so they will be monitoring if any further evacuations needs to be made but the message is for people to stay indoors stay out of these Waters and to stay safe tonight as Cyclone hail beers down.

On this region Layton hey called Ten aqua well let’s return to Zane small and whitianga now Zane when is the storm in the coromandel expected to pass well due to the amount of rainfall here the Thames coromandel District Council says this is a one in 20 year storm event however when I spoke to the mayor.

Earlier he said The Storm Is Passing over here and should be finished within the next 24 hours he said the flooding here seems does usually uh clear away quite quickly but the hills will have taken in a lot of water so there is a risk of slips in the coming days so drivers are advised to take care I’ve also been told by the local Council here.

That State Highway 25 is no longer blocked off to whitianga so that’s some good news for locals here they can leave if they want to and the mayor told me that people here do seem to have been well prepared for the storm Laura Zane small live from whitianga tenakue well meanwhile further north Auckland and Northland have experienced nearly a.

Month’s worth of rain in the past 24 hours forcing the closure of several roads State Highway 1 was closed at Dome Valley and over the brenduans due to a fallen tree and slip slaving traffic at a standstill flood waters near whangarei have also ruined crops and closed multiple roads the two regions have been hit with about 60 to 70 millimeters of.

Rain and met Services predicting another 40 to 60 millimeters on top of that we’ll have us here with more on the track of the storm and the center of cyclone hail is about to make landfall yeah it’s expected to pass over Great Barrier Island tonight scoot down the hodaki plains then change direction heading south west before departing our.

Shores south of east cape late tomorrow night I should say moving Southeast not Southwest now the good news conditions behind the center of the storm are much better than the heavy rain and Gales in front of it so things do improve greatly across the day tomorrow there are still warnings and watches in place though those details after sport.

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