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Cyclone Hale delivers massive flooding, slips and destruction as it moves down the country | Newshub

Cyclone Hale delivers massive flooding, slips and destruction as it moves down the country | Newshub

Good evening Cyclone Hale promised massive flooding slips and destruction of property and it delivered on the East Coast with a Vengeance despite legal battles to stop it happening forestry runoff washed down rivers and gullies leaving parts of Tolga Bay looking like a wasteland a state of emergency for the titafati region was issued just after 10.

Last night it remains in place today as the community cracks on with the massive cleanup Leighton hakel is there you probably can’t tell but this is a bridge and it’s covered in tons and tons of Forestry slash Tolga Bay copping much of cyclone Hale’s Fury overnight yeah now it was a lot of heavy rain torrential torrential from about eight.

O’clock on only the buggy could get the McNeil’s out to check on stock arakuhi Road the only way to or from home is completely washed out this flood would be just about right up with Cyclone bolo in fact last night toliger’s hikuwai River levels broke records sets in 1988’s bowler reaching 13.2 meters this was a yesterday afternoon and this was.

It at midnight and it was a similar story up and down the coast massive amounts of water have really ripped through some of the towns you can see the damage to some of our keep core infrastructure the MP has seen much of the damage from the air flying over the flooded East Coast a place that’s Seen It All Before we’ve had our first year.

Of this and it’s almost like a rinse and repeat for us and you know it’s not a nice way for our communities to start a new year evacuated residents have been making their way home to see the damage that’s if they can make it back more than 50 roads remain closed leaving some communities cut off the Cyclone was certainly felt in Gisborne City too even.

Causing a major slip on Hill Road and all the silt from that slip the debris the trees the branches it’s all come sliding down and into some homes four inches of mud in the garage is interesting all that muck causing quite the mess for Pete Oliver we had a bit of water through with a heavy rain on Saturday and uh yeah it’s really had a.

System rivers in town clogged by slash two the significant amount of water only compounded by all the forestry debris something companies have been prosecuted for in the past in times like these I think people want to see us all be good neighbors and Forestry certainly has a role to play there much of it will end up on beaches like here in tall Bay.

Don’t be fooled by the Blue Sky there’s plenty of work ahead yep we’ll have to get through it but in the meantime some locals are making the most of it we wanted to go swimming in summer so we thought we’d bring them to a nice flood it is summer after all well it’s supposed to be so Leighton we saw the East Coast MP was.

There what’s Kitty Allen going to do to help those affectors well she told me Laura that she’s been speaking with fellow ministers relevant ministers who will be receiving advice from the National Emergency Management agency they’ll be assessing the situation over the coming days to get the full picture of the full damage from.

This event and that is when Kitty Allen says the government may be able to step in and support support the region whether that be funding for critical critical infrastructure or just assisting with the cleanup that remains to be seen as for the slash she says companies have been prosecuted in the past but the fines don’t even meet legal.

Fees so that and why this keeps happening will form parts of a discussion going forward an important discussion but right now the focus is on the people of tied after tea and helping them through this severe weather event Leighton hakel live from Gisborne ten aqua hithers here now with more on-cyclone.

Hail and where is the storm heading offshore to the South East with all traces of hail gone by tomorrow night but before then it does still have a tail while stinging its tail with this storm system the heaviest rain has occurred south and west of the Storm Center so as it moves over the East Coast there will still be rain strong.

Winds and thunderstorms and it’s wake it does mean though that northern areas including the coromandel peninsula can focus on cleanup great thanks Heather less Cyclone hail thrash the coromandel one Community Building looks likely to be lost to the storm Mercury Bay Boating Club and whitianga has a rich history in 1988 it challenged for the America’s Cup.

And today members made the call to do whatever they could to save it Alice Wilkins reports frantic last-ditch efforts of a community trying to save its boat club as an unruly ocean threatened what was left of the land it sat on after meters of ground was eroded overnight last night was a really difficult and.

Traumatic night we’ve lost at least three and a half or four meters over a two-tied cycle club members and whitianga locals were sandbagging and laying concrete blocks from early this morning preparing for the worst to hit the club building at the next high tide they removed the building’s deck and built a fortress all without the council.

Granting permission they felt they had no choice this morning we made the very difficult decision to break the law and we reached out to the community and to the community experts to assist us to build a temporary defense whitianga was one of the spots completely cut off today both of the two main roads into the coromandel closed a giant slip.

Blocked the highway known as the coastal Road while silt and muck covered the other route State Highway 25A for the copenhaga I wrote the goal is to see if we can get a lane open by Darkness tonight um that’s what we’re trying to do but we can’t guarantee that we’ll have that.

Done today’s slip is nestled right beside where another major slip closed the same road with last week’s bed weather contractors still haven’t had time to finish clearing this one and now they’re dealing with another all of the debris made travel impossible for locals and for tourists I’ve literally just come from Auckland down round and then.

Obviously that road’s closed so I’ll just have to go all the way around scenic route come from Melbourne so we’re used to bad weather we’ve got a little expectations but while road closures again ruined coromandel holiday plans there was one silver lining from the storm the boat club it survived it worked through the last high tide cycle.

I don’t want to test it in something like what I saw last night now it needs to be picked up and relocated so the community doesn’t need to fight through the night to save it again Alice Wilkins news Hub the wild weather is now moving down the country this video shows the kaifatta river and waited upper close to bursting.

Its banks and in picked in the waitohi river is flowing over the bridge after more than 75 millimeters of rain fell in just six hours the surface flooding is also delaying traffic hitting to and from the Cook Strait Ferries

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